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Posted by on 1999 Jul 16 |

Midnight in the Chapel

(31 Shorka 358 SV: 4 of 19)

Dear Reader,

My ill-formed time sense tells me it”s sometime past the midnight hour, but without an anlas candle, I cannot be for sure.  It is, I am sure, the first day of Summer.  I have left Damaria sleeping in her room as I stepped out into the now quiet streets of Therenborough.

There is a chapel here to the east of the main city gates on Horseman Run, and it is here I have come looking for quiet vigil.  The small church here is dedicated to not one particular deity, but all, so it is to all thirteen I have cast out my prayers.   I sit here now on a wooden pew, watch the lone flickering candle upon the altar and wait for their reply.

candle_sketchThe Quest.  Gentle Reader, I must tell you that it is a quest for redemption.  A way to seek out the nature of what a Paladin is, and should be.  To often have I seen aimlessness of the youth and have cursed, but only emulated their actions. This is a quest for purpose behind the hubris: how can I call myself Paladin without the deeds to back it up.

It is a Quest to find within myself the way to repair the damages I have done to others for my lack of wisdom…and to at least one other for my lack of courage.  This I have prayed for and silently hope for answer.  This I share with you, good Reader, so that you may know the reasoning behind this soldier”s actions.

I sense no answer tonight, at least none my tired eyes can decipher. I will leave you again, good Reader, until the next Journal entry.