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Posted by on 1999 Jul 10 |

On Death and Skills…

(17 Uthmor 358 SV: 10 of 19)

Dear Reader,

There is nothing like drifting casually as a spirit in death’s embrace to give one time to contemplate life.  Definitely an eye opening experience…or should that be an eye closing?  However it may be, I found myself in that unfortunate position after walking into a full-scale invasion of Therenborough.  I have to chuckle now at my surprise for it shouldn’t be to much of a stretch that the creatures, tired of we adventurers invading *their* homes, would strike back on occasion.

My thanks goes out to those who were working so hard to breath life back into the fallen, this silly paladin as well.  Of priests, there was Ketrianna, Dyminica, Dinaris and Dinz.  Of healers I saw only Kyra where I lay, and she was surely the hero of the moment for all the wounds that needed healing.  Jzerroth also deserves my well wishes for he rescued my axe from where it fell from my fingers.

I do not know the reason behind this particular invasion.  Somebody mentioned an imp that spoke of regrets for somebody’s absence.  Damn my tattered memories, but I cannot remember the name of the fellow mentioned. The first name began with a K. and I almost want to say it was the mage who would have sold the spellbooks some time ago.

No matter.  The reason for this entry today is to answer a number of folks who have pointed out that I have not given enough information on the dangerous nature of the creatures I’ve faced.  I have come to agree to them, for without knowledge of my abilities, there is no yardstick of perspective for you to measure the creature.  Those monsters I find easy could prove fatal to another.  And when I do find those too-common-beasts that make quick work of this poor soldier, without knowing my limits you will not be able to judge if it surpasses yours.

I could tell you my circle within the Paladin guild, but I’ve found that circles have little meanings outside those who do nothing by chase them. Those of lower circle may know more than I do of any one skill…and it is impossible to compare between guilds.

Let me instead breakdown my skills into those I most often use, and tell you how I perceive them.  In preparation of myself being embarrassed…just know that I’m not as fierce a warrior as my years in the four provinces would suggest.

The offensive tools I draw mostly upon are the Heavy Edge and Two Handed Edged weapons.  I’ve grown to be experienced ardent in the first and am beginning ardent in the later.  I use an axe with a handle long enough that I can swap from one handed to two handed easily.  This means that I have a weapon that combines the best damage of both edged and blunt weapons, but with a greater hindrance of balance.

I am always attempting to train my alternate weapons: a warrior must be prepared for any circumstances.  Missile weapons, however, have suffered and my highest skill in this group could be described only as a full novice’s knowledge in crossbows.  I am working upon my heavy thrown and in this I’ve become a trained novice.  My brawling…a skill I would recommend to anybody, for one should always be ready to face life alone…is equal to my heavy thrown in ability.

Defensively, I am a little bit better off, but not by much.  This is the nature of a Paladin for we must work hard to defend the realms.  I am proficiently ardent in use of both shield and the foot work of evasion. My parrying ability has reached the point where I could be called skilled ardent.  My fighting style tends to switch from evasive to parrying depending upon which weapon I am using.  Against those creatures with missile abilities, I lean heavier upon my shield skill.

DarkSpiritI wear heavy plate mail, but it is no guarantee that I will escape unscathed from a creature’s blow.  The snaer hawfa that punched a hole through my chest today showed that even when one is a competent adept in the armor, there are those things that are going to get through.  I know now when I face the creature at the allotted time in the Quest, I will have to come up with a better strategy.

I hope that these revelations prove useful as you read further entries, Good Reader.  There are going to be those creatures I cannot hope to face…though I must for sake of the Quest.  It is for this reason I do not hunt alone, and always try to fight with my noggin rather than my gut.

Until next, Good Reader.