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Posted by on 1999 Jul 17 |

Traveling to Therenborough

(30 Shorka 358 SV: 3 of 19)

Dear Reader,

Therenborough at last.  The spring rains let up enough to free the roads of their ever-present muck and we left shortly afterward.  I still had enough lirum left from traveling through the fourth province that there was little need to make exchange at the Crossing”s bank.  To be honest, I paid little heed to the scenery along the route for I know I will be seeing it again on the return trip.  Now is not the time to linger with the roses.

The small villages passed quickly behind us and, other than a rumbling earthquake near the Lesser Fists, there was no opposition to the journey.  Damaria and I reached the ferry crossing as the Her Opulence was untying from the dock.  We had to leap for the flat-bedded raft and barely made it without becoming soaked.  The captain merely smirked and made sure we had the 35 copper necessary to pay for passage.  He would not even discount us for the two feet of river we had to jump over with our own ability.
We skirted Riverhaven by staying on the docks and sat to await the arrival of the next barge across the lake to Langenfirth and beyond.  It proved to be the Northern Pride and we climbed aboard with a large number of other folks heading north.  It pulled out onto Lake Gwenalion with barely a lurch.

Any journey is made easier by the company one keeps and we met several kind folk as we made our way across. A fellow paladin by the name of Culane was leading a number of people to Therenborough for the purpose of shopping.  He was kind in his advice on the Quest to come.  One of his friends, a self-styled Carrier of goods, by the name of Dariien also had wise advice.  Both were instrumental in making the normally tedious barge trip a breeze.  The only sour note was some coins lost by fellow traveler’s to an unseen hand.


Spring on the road to Therenborough is a glorious thing.  Flowers and blossoms were growing in great abundance, and even the Dunshade Moors had a green and renewed glow to them.  We had traveled nearly halfway between Langenfirth and Therenborough when we ran into an old friend by the name of Ammara.  He is a guild-brother as well, and I can think of few paladins finer.  He played the part of gracious host and welcomed Damaria and myself to the province.  Upon hearing of the Quest, he was very interested to help in any way.  Readily I accepted, for such companions upon a journey as this will make it that much more achievable.

By this time, and after so long a trip over two provinces, we were interested only in a roof, a bath, and a bed.  Ammara insisted he knew of a fine inn, and with our thanks he lead us to the Village Inn within the town of Therenborough itself.  The rooms are well crafted, and from the balcony we can see the ruins of the Baron”s Castle.  With a further promise of aid and friendship, Ammara and we parted company for the night.

And so shall I, good Reader, for the day”s travel has been long and the night will be too short.  Tomorrow the hunt begins, but for now I will bid you safe passages till next we meet.