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Posted by on 2013 May 25

The Archives Catalogue

The scrolls of patrons who have visited The Wren’s Nest before you and shared their news and stories are sorted out carefully into sections by year. Please peruse...

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Posted by on 2006 Sep 18

War Checklist

(263 Moliko 384) You notice a list on Dreamheart’s stationary left on the corner of a table in the tavern. 10 or more Favors – checked offDefluffing –...

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Posted by on 2006 Jun 22

Red Axe Clan Raid Langenfirth

(309 Skullcleaver 383) Langenfirth came under assault again yesterday from a goblin clan calling itself the Red Axe Clan.There were few casualties and the small war...

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Posted by on 2006 Feb 13

Carwu Aloreto: An announcement

(196 Uthmor 382) A chubby human boy runs into the Tavern and then stops, trying to walk casually. He looks to be no more than fifteen, maybe sixteen. He walks over to...

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Posted by on 2006 Jan 12

A Seaside Proposal

(67 Ka’len 382) “Arilana…. will you marry me, and whatever the future brings to us, weather it with me, beside me, in all things, until we pass...

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Posted by on 2005 Dec 30

A Peculiar Pairing

(16 Akroeg 382) He had just begun his training under Lord Darius, Esteemed Paladin of Zoluren and servant of Prince Vorclaf. He had been promised to Provincial service...

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