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Posted by on 2001 Apr 14

S’Kra Kor Attack

(Ilithi: 304 Skullcleaver 364) The S’Kra Kor have yet again popped up in towns everywhere, not just Shard. An attack has been seen happening in Crossing Bank...

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Posted by on 2001 Apr 8

Kor Strikes Again

(Crossing, Zoluren: 309 Skullcleaver 364) A bardess steps quietly into the bar and smiles wearily at Baresh. She places her palm down on the counter, leaving a gold...

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Posted by on 2001 Apr 7

King Fade raids Riverhaven

(Riverhaven, Therengia: Skullcleaver 363) "Ev’n Baresh." You look up to see a bloodied and wounded man walk into the bar. Baresh peers quizzically at...

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Posted by on 2001 Apr 3

The Kaldar try to rebuild

(Dirge, Zoluren: 289 Skullcleaver 364) Baresh hears a noise and turns around to see a familiar ginger-haired Kaldar with piercing crystal green eyes walking in the bar,...

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Posted by on 2001 Apr 2

Broken Pieces

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: 280 Skullcleaver 364) Baresh was just thinking about closing early when two figures entered his tavern, look around, and then sat on one of the...

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Posted by on 2001 Mar 31

The Dream Walker

(Therenborough, Therengia: 274 Moliko 364) A gust of wind blows the door open as Baresh looks up at the Mage whos hood concealshis features. Baresh asks, "Can I...

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Posted by on 2001 Mar 26

The Empath, The Bard, and the Kor

(Crossing, Zoluren: 256 Moliko 364) The middle-aged S’kra Mur steps quietly through the doorway, making his way quickly towards Baresh. Mid-stride he flips a coin...

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Posted by on 2001 Mar 25

A glimpse at the End?

(Shard, Ilithi: 248 Moliko 364) Baresh had been worried with the unsavory characters lately coming and going to his establishment apparently with no other purpose that...

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Posted by on 2001 Mar 25

Blood On The Baron’s Streets

(Therenborough, Therengia: 249 Moliko 364) Baresh, let me tell you this gruesome tale of Theren, that I, Ecky witnessed. On the streets of Theren, many folk stop to...

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Posted by on 2001 Mar 8

Paladin’s Guild Closes

(Crossing, Zoluren: 184 Uthmor 364) It was just past the midday, when an armour clad human stepped through the tavern door. He was richly clothed, and a number of the...

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