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Posted by on 2004 Aug 1

An Evening of Events

(351 Dolefaren 376) Last night proved to be rather busy, as the following account will show. I was making my way from Ilithi and had boarded the ferry on the way to...

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Posted by on 2004 Jul 30

The Great Box Raffle Returns!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Locksmith Union is hosting its 4th annual GREAT BOX RAFFLE! The Raffle entry will be from 6pm ET Friday, August 6th to Midnight ET Sunday, August...

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Posted by on 2004 May 27

Truce and Peace Talks

(86 Lirisa 376, Outpost on Zoluren’s Southern Border) For several days there has been an uneasy truce, cease-fire, between the enemy and allied forces. All in...

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Posted by on 2004 May 14

Zoluren Enemies Beaten

(31 Akroeg 376) Baresh, this is nowhere near complete, but the news is important. I have been up too long, and my words will not be perfect. When Grishnok, Jourok and...

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Posted by on 2004 May 10

The Quiet Dawn Before

(19 Akroeg 376, The Crossing) The morning sun rose upon a city that was quiet. Hawkers sold their wares, people squabbled, but life was still somewhat quiet. It was the...

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