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Posted by on 2004 Nov 7

On Being Mentally Touched

(343 Dolefaren 377) Moon Mages and Clerics across the map felt, a few short days ago, a sensation not unlike someone’s cold hands groping around inside their...

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Posted by on 2004 Oct 23

Public Notice

(282 Skullcleaver 377) Hear Ye, Hear Ye, I am specifically looking for anyone who knew the Bardess known as Wren Windflower. There is a special project under way to...

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Posted by on 2004 Oct 17

What a Party!

(256 Moliko 377) Deloria and Miabelle hosted an incredible party for the anniversary of the Great Migration. It was held at Winthoren Manor through the invitation-only...

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Posted by on 2004 Oct 10

Baron Gyfford Appoints Court Bard

(229 Arhat 377) At the end of last night’s great Arthe Dale concert by Daerlynn, the Baron stepped forward from the audience to make a surprise announcement. It...

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Posted by on 2004 Oct 9

Maelshyve’s children

(217 Arhat 377) A few days ago, it all seemed to start. Magic allowed us to witness what transpired in the Darkmist Moor at the secluded shrine. Shrouded in dark purple...

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Posted by on 2004 Oct 8

The Rise of the Maeldryth

(224 Arhat 377) I write this in the hopes of reaching as many people as possible, with a special message for my brothers and sisters who are also followers of the path...

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Posted by on 2004 Sep 26

Memorial for Allurana

(175 Uthmor 377) As many of you know, Allurana no longer walks among us. There will be a memorial held for her October 3, 9:00 pm elven standard time by the old...

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Posted by on 2004 Sep 22

Outcast Trader Visits Theren

(159 Shorka 377) Langenfirth, Therengia A few nights ago our Lord Baron Gyfford held an audience in his Keep where, among other folks, he was visited by the Outcast...

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Posted by on 2004 Sep 18

A Hard Lesson

(143 Shorka 377) Dear Readers: Recently I was asked to record a tale for one who has no means to do so. After considerring what he had to say, I’ve brought it...

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