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Posted by on 2005 Sep 6

Liberation Festival Closed

(355 Dolefaren 380) Today the festival at Shard to commemmorate the Liberation of Ilithi and Shard from the hands of the Desert Outcasts was closed. It was a huge...

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Posted by on 2005 Jul 22

Festival Open to All

(166 Uthmor 380) The Festival in Shard is fully open to all now. Late arrivals of new merchants is the buzz across the Provinces, and evidently some merchants did not...

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Posted by on 2005 Jul 19

Estate Holders Preview Festival

(160 Uthmor 380) Today Estate Holders were given preview access to the Festival Grounds in Shard where merchants were selling all manner of amazing wares. Reports of...

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Posted by on 2005 Jul 16

The Festival Buzz

(147 Shorka 380) All week the buzz around town has been about a coming Festival. As we stood in town last night, we heard one merchant’s heavy-laden caravan...

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