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Posted by on 2014 May 28 |

M-M-M-Mega Safari!

M-M-M-Mega Safari!

Due to popular demand for Safaris to be accessible to vacationers from many different time zones and many conflicting schedules, TSFE is pleased to offer the Taisidon Mega Safari, spanning two full weekends and all the week days in between! Ships set sail at 8pm Eastern on Friday July 11th and transportation services will remain operational until 8pm Eastern on July 20th. That’s nine whole days of Safari goodness!

So what can you expect from the Mega Safari?

First off, everything you’d normally expect from a Deluxe Safari: tropical shops, mythical materials, fantastical treasure, heroical adventures, and…exotical creatures! But wait, there’s more!

More danger! Rumors have spread along the coconut-vine that there’s trouble brewing on Taisidon. Coincidence? Or Conspiracy? Thanks to the gallant efforts of past visitors, Fantasy Excursions has complete faith that the heroes booking passage for this very rare and special invitation now will be essential in securing the island from any troubles that may surface. Come find your place in Taisidon’s history!

More shops! New merchants have agreed to open shops that have never before been available on any previous Safari! Some that have never been available anywhere!

More room! TSFE has agreed to initially double their occupancy to accommodate twice the usual passengers! And what’s more, they want to remind all attendees that a Safari ticket is good for ALL characters on your account! (This would be a great time to re-activate an old character or two or even add a Premium subscription so all your characters can enjoy some fun in the sun!)

More games! Several island residents have been contracted to build and host a plethora of fun carnival-style games and activities that all can enjoy! Based on popularity, some residents may hit the road and attend future events with their games, but that depends on your feedback!

More loot! More NEW special gifts for attendees, bonuses to treasure drop rates, and more!

More raffles! More opportunities, more prizes, more fun!

More, more, more!

Get your ticket now, before they’re gone!