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Posted by on 2004 Jun 24 |

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

(318 Dolefaren 376)

In the darkness of night, a crimson moon rose above the horizon. Casting an eerie glow on a lone tower by a desolate road, Yavash ascended to its place in the heavens. A flicker of light shined from the roof of the tower as the screech of a raven was heard in the distance. The light slowly dimmed then faded to darkness leaving only the reflection of the red moon light in the waters surrounding.

Near the tower, a still figure stood vigil by the road. It was rumored that his eyes flashed crimson as Yavash, though it could have been a reflection of the blood light. Who knows for sure? Many are aware what Yavash does to the imaginations of the elderly and the young.

Witnesses heard a slight hiss from the figure as if it were searching for something or perhaps someone. In a strange tongue, the words, “Umbu’nor’vahi” were uttered as travelers drew near. Passersby quickly went on their way but not before a resonant hiss settled through out the area.

One traveler heard the start of a greeting but was startled by a raven’s call in one of the nearby trees. He recounted hearing, “Ankael’T…” but couldn’t make out the rest. When he turned back to the figure, both it and the other had vanished. The tower remained dark and a feeling of abandonment prevailed as Yavash finally set to her rest.