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Posted by on 2004 Jul 27 |

Last Days of A Votary

Last Days of A Votary

(326 Dolefaren 376)

In a recent raid of a bandit stronghold by the Opreina of Leth Deriel, documents were discovered written by one of the deceased Votary. The Council has decided to make it known to the general public…

“I believe these days to be my last. More and more my direction seems to be drawn to her and away from our cause. She is a legend in her own right. Once thought executed, only to surface many years later. I write this journal in hopes of explaining my actions to my brethren who may wonder why I chose the path I did…

The raids upon Throne city had gone as planned. We accomplished all we intended to. As my brothers returned, I caught a glimpse of a cloaked woman fading into the forests. I knew time grew short where Katamba would set and the moons would not rise again for a few anlas. I had to see who this was. I thoughtcasted to Xailes that I would be delayed but would catch up as soon as possible. I ventured into the forests to follow the tracks of this lone cloaked figure. The forest had a quiet sense to it as if I were being watched. Being from Leth Deriel, I knew the sounds of the trees and this was not normal. I traveled for what must have been two anlas. Katamba had set and I was stranded for the moment. I found an encampment alongside a nearby stream. It was curious at first as there were statues, carved as lifelike as one could imagine outside of the camp. The sculptor was evidently one of great skill. But I found it odd as to why they were in the middle of nowhere. As I emerged from the wooded shroud, a mournful melody was heard. A voice called out to me and said, “Come, sit by my fire.” I believed this woman to be a gypsy perhaps. One who might try to charm me but to what end?

I sat by the fire as she carefully placed mandrake root in her pouch. I asked if she were a healer. She merely giggled in a quiet voice. All attempts to see her face failed and even my magics were of no use to me. She called me by name and I was stunned. I leapt to my feet, fearing she was of the ones sent to find us. As I turned to run, she stopped my movements with a single touch. I stood motionless, unable to proceed further. She brushed her hand along my cheek and told me of my past. She knew who I was and what our cause had been. She released me from her grasp and said if I wished to go, she would not stop me, but encouraged me to hear her desires. I should have retreated and never looked back, but found myself settling by her fire. She explained a time of great change approached and if I would agree to serve her in her quests, she would reward me with what I sought most. I replied rather sarcastically stating that I thought only ones of my profession could fortell the future.

She described in great detail how our cause would fail without the correct elements in place. I had never doubted the words of the Shadebringer, however, her oration of what was to be, I could not dismiss. I agreed to her offer and thus began my journey into a darkness there was no turning back upon. I returned to the manor only to be questioned at length as to my whereabouts. I almost explained the proposal in which she gave me, but I could not. I merely replied that what I had searched for had eluded me. He would not understand. Even the Shadebringer did not have the ability of foresight that I possessed. It was my gift… my curse. For many months, I continue to work with her and those she gathered. I keep her secret hidden for the good of my brothers. For the good of the cause. No, I keep her secret because I knew what my fate would be, and I would not be there to see destiny fulfilled.

I have seen my death many times. It is a fate I can not change. Not even she can prevent it. Her comforting words to me were filled with hidden meaning. I gave her my visions of what was to be. They all have come to fruition. I know I will not see the result of my final visions. Three great forces, mingling with fate. If I were but a simple scholar, there would be so much excitement and intrigue discovering the potential outcomes. But I am not, and I know the outcomes before they have happened. I have come to find myself in mixed company I am not accustomed to. Rarely have I mingled with Dwarves, let alone an Ogre or Goblin. There is some strange sense of irony that I watch this group of individuals, free from the prejudices of race but united in a common goal of change. I find I can not trust any of them, but am drawn to the one I should trust the least, but do the most. Her conviction is resolute and she will succeed in the end. I have not told her the final fate because I believe even the fates bow to her will.

The loss of Arteron continues to haunt me. My brother, my twin. It is as if my better half were ripped from body. He was my mentor of sorts and I honor his memory by fulfilling my destiny, even though it means the end. Perhaps I am single minded, however fate will not bend to my will. I believe this to be my last journal entry so I say to my brothers that the cause is not in vain. The result will be changed from its original intent, yet change will happen. I go now to aid the Goblin in securing the first of our objectives.

May the fates be revealed,