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Posted by on 2013 Aug 19 | 1 comment

Stolen from the…Shoppers

Stolen from the…Shoppers

(Hibarnhvidar, Forfedhdar: 13 Nissa 409)

Garnaal must be really pleased, 30 roisaen after the big announced opening of his Moonsilver Pavilion in Hibarnhvidar, he had sold out of almost everything. 2 anlaen later, only 4 things remain.

There was likely more coins made by the bankers exchanging coins than real shoppers were able to spend. The grumbling by those at the shop was mounting. We cannot imagine how that will increase as people who were expecting it to be “later in the evening” get into the realms and find it is all gone.

If you were lucky enough to get something, cherish it. Shoppers literally watched entire displays clear out from a mere handful of people in a matter of roisaen. It is going to be a rough evening for Garnaal’s customer service.

1 Comment

  1. Ello ol’ friend.