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Posted by on 2013 Aug 16 |

Those Who Record History, Make It So

Those Who Record History, Make It So

The Victor May Get The Spoils, But the Archivists Get The Last Word

Over the years I have alternately despaired and rejoiced about the Tavern. It is so much work; even just getting something recorded at the end of a long exhausting day of adventure is work sometimes, too. But when it has been such a joy as the only source of actual history told by eye-witnesses. When someone needs to do research, they are able to do it again.

As I started to prepare a new project, drawing from the many rich personal accounts which have been told to Baresh over the years, I marvel at the rich detail these memories provide us. Sometimes I am heavy-hearted by names long gone. Sometimes I chuckle out loud while something long-forgotten is brought to the forefront of my thought.

There’s a lasting legacy, and honestly, a sort of immortality to those who have passed through the doors of this Tavern. Thank you so much for being part of a dream, a journey, a pulse through decades of Elanthia. Here is a warm toast to the new names, the new stories, and to their tugs at the threads of fate here!

And with that, I’d like to offer a small change in the old adage that the victors write history. Not so.

Those who record history, make it.

Oh, and make sure you are on good terms with your biographer. Just saying…