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Using the Tavern

How do I register or log in?

There is no longer a reason to log in, this site is maintained strictly for historical purposes. New content is not being added. You can still search, read, and enjoy. Add your memories to the Scroll of Remembrance from the link there.

Please contact Dreamheart if you have questions.

What are the rules of conduct here?

Here’s a link to our Terms of Use and Conduct Policy that everyone agrees to abide by when they use the Wren’s Nest.

What Category Does What?

So that we’re all singing from the same page, here is what the categories of the Wren’s Nest are for. (I’d rather err on too few than too many.)

  • News – What the news was in the realm for the date/s mentioned! Events, plots, observances, gossip, if it is going on, it’s news of one sort or another. News is further categorized into provinces (optional) or the year (it’ll make it easier 5 years from now to look back on a year’s articles).
  • Memories – This is for you to remember people, things, or events of the past. Frankly, I have learned the hard way that if you do not write it down when it is fresh, you start forgetting.
  • Features – This is an administrative category, please ignore it. We’ll use it to spotlight special projects and huge news items and stuff.  The most recent three things from the Features category appears on the image slider on the home page, for instance. But the category could, and does, contain more. It is not a permanent designation at all.
  • Character Blogs – You write your own journal here. Please request one from Dreamheart (button at the top). You’ll even get your own landing page to share with your bffs!
  • Editorials – Opinion pieces. Anyone can write here.
  • Fan Fiction – Because someone asked for it. Make up one story, make up many; if it is set in DragonRealms, it belongs here.
  • Archives – This is where the precious historic scrolls and articles from the original Wren’s Nest instances landed. Once the project is completed, they will all be further sub-divided by the year they happened to make it easier on Researchers.

You’ll primarily be posting in News, Memories, Blogs, and Editorials. If you can think of something that just does not seem to belong to one of these categories, please let Dreamheart or Baresh know.


Oh My Gosh I forgot my password/ID

There’s a little link under the login boxes that will email you instructions to reset your password. It is automatically generated email to the address you used when you signed up, so there’s a chance it could look like junk to your email filters. Be sure to check your junk folder.

It should not take any more than 30-60 minutes to receive the email. In many instances, it will come within minutes.

Who is Wrenfirth?

Wrenfirth, Mascot for the Wren's Nest

Wrenfirth, Mascot for the Wren’s Nest


Wrenfirth is the name of our mascot – the lovely little purple wren on our sign. The original Wren’s Nest logo was designed back in 1997 by Solis. We have tried to stay with the look and feel of that in this updated design housing.