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Posted by on 2016 Feb 27 |

The End of An Era

The End of An Era

(21 Ka’len 419, Somewhere on the mainland…)

I thank each one of you who have crossed my path in the Realms for letting me be part of your story, part of your song. I set off to my next destination after many decades with the things I cherish most in the world safely tucked within my heart, not my pack – people and my music.

To Xixist, the man who inspired me through good times and bad, know that I hold dear every moment. None of them will be forgotten. Your steadfast faith sustained me to tarry longer than I would otherwise have stayed.

To my precious friends, I will miss your light in my life.

A bardess knows to end the performance before she is too weary and her voice cracks under the strain.

This is all for me.



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P.S. Editors will still be able to post stories here at the Wren’s Nest. It is not closing.

I return to the place of original magic, to the Elanthia of several “befores”. Ironically, I return for the same reason I left those 20some years ago and traveled to DragonRealms: to find a safe haven for roleplay, to live in peace from idiots, and to find a place that will continue to hold my fascination.

Destination: GemStone – again.

Some will ask why – and I have enumerated those reasons in this document. It may not be perfect, but it is acutely my experience over the past three years.

I need to preserve the joys of DragonRealms in my heart, and the contemporary world threatens those memories by the week.

Fare Thee Well, may the New Worlde sing to you all that you desire. My next journey awaits in a Worlde Reborn.