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Posted by on 2013 Jun 10 | 2 comments

Artisans Light Up the Pavilion at Guildfest 409

Artisans Light Up the Pavilion at Guildfest 409

(Fairegrounds, Therengia: 5 Lirisa 409)

Word spread faster than even the speed of rumors in the realm (that is to say, extremely fast) that the much-lauded Stylist Almodivar, of Zoluren, would be selecting a few lucky subjects to consult over the re-working of an item of clothing or jewelry in the main Guildfest pavilion. Almodivar’s exacting sense of style is well known over the 5 Provinces. He chose 5 people at a time from a very long list until he was weary.

He warned everyone that the cost of his services would be very expensive – but of course, for someone as stylish and skilled as he is, we would also benefit from his fashion advice. All for one exorbitantly singular price. His example of what a very simple alteration would cost … was changing out the buttons on something. 100 platinums. And it would go up from there.

And it did. Along with his rather individual remarks which he offered as constructive criticisms to clients as they waited for their turn in the workroom. The Wren’s Nest immortalized some of the more colorful short ones at the Twitter Feed.

As Almodivar was finishing up and everyone not in consultation already was expecting Yeyaru to show up, there was a fairly large kerfluffle in our plane of existence itself. During the darkness … well, nothing happened at all. So Yeyaru got a late start of almost 2 anlas.

Within a few moments of Roleta Yeyaru Graimairo opening his list, there were over 50 people on it. By the time he closed it, there were 67. He took a look at it and those on the list held their breath, hoping that somehow the next words were going to be good news for at least them.

Yeyaru explained that he would work as long as he can, his goal was to get through everyone on the list. In short order, he assigned a few helpers to facilitate things, and pretty soon the most amazing parade of non-stop alterations started. And if you were still standing by the time the last (random) name was called as the sun rose (6:30am ET), you were able to see Yeyaru at work.

He uses the power of his mind to convince the item to change. Evidently a technique of dragons, he had very little else in the way of explanation to illuminate the process. But wow, did it sure work.

The Witch herself showed up briefly, but was not recognized soon enough to her liking, and refused to do anything for anyone after that, saying that GuildFest would be lucky to see her at all now. Remember that next time you see her. Carefully proceed from there, though. She has quite a reputation.

By the time the 7th of Lirisa was over Goldsmith Piyvhh, the famous jeweler, had made an appearance at GuildFest, too, crafting works of art from much plainer things to client specifications.

As the sun was setting on the 9th of Lirisa, there was a commotion through the Fairegrounds, a completely new artisan had been spotted in the main Pavilion. Baergurt Stunkul might have been a little drunk, well, truthfully, more than a ‘little’, but he had everyone in the crowd eating out of his hand. Scratching etchings on things, he had finished a few pieces (between passing out) and was joking with people when a Festival Guardsman arrives.

Ut Oh.

Baergurt hid behind someone. The Festival guard, clearly an elite Therengian officer, spotted him right away, and started towards him. The crowd roared to the defense of the drunken little craftsman, insisting that he had delivered everything he promised, and his customers were very happy. But it was not enough, and Baergurt was hauled off. Will we see him again? I do not know. I doubt very much he will remember what he did, but we will never forget him!

And there’s your update from the Fairegrounds for the last few days.


  1. Great project. Diligent people. It’s cool.

  2. Thanks Bagman! I’m so glad you stopped by. Did we have your favorite drink?