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Posted by on 2016 Feb 19 |

Drathrok’s Duskruin Arena Appears and Departs

Drathrok’s Duskruin Arena Appears and Departs

419|1|10. In recent times, two visions were seen involving the Elpalzi and a hitherto unknown bear figure. They are transcribed below:

The seer made out the image of a giant bear supporting a field of valiant fighters training upon its massive back. Gladiolus blossoms sprouted from the pooling blood of their fallen enemies.

Emerging from a cave, a massive Gor’Tog warrior snarled as he raised his weapons, shaking blood from both them and the bear hide he was wearing. The man stomped and howled as the ground beneath his feet morphed into a pile of Elpalzi corpses! The vision dissolved into a sanguine mist and the once-deafening sounds of rage subsided, leaving the seer with only but a whispered phrase repeating — “Drathrok’s Duskruin.”

The Barbarian Drathrok, a Gor’Tog who wears a great bear hide and mask, was once teacher to the guild, offering two techniques: the Bear Dance and the War Stomp. After the visions, several adventurers, led by Mazrian, decided to visit Drathrok in his residence near Stone Clan to speak to him about them. Drathrok responded, “Now is not the time for this!” and refused to speak on it further. However, shortly thereafter the Barbarian appeared on the field of battle near Kaerna. Mistanna reported that he charged the Elpalzi, sending them reeling with great blows and yelling out words of encouragement to our fighters. He single-handedly wove his way through their ranks, disorganizing and even flanking them.

Thus it was that the visions would lead up to a confrontation with the Elpalzi. However, they also portended something else: the Duskruin arena. Drathrok introduced this arena, we believe in order to provide the training needed to help fight the Elpalzi (although he made no comment).

The Duskruin arena made quite an impact on Zoluren during the whirlwind weeks it was here. Many adventurers tried their hands at the arena and labyrinth provided, with many thoughts zipping and zooming over the gwethdesuan network regarding trading the rewards of their efforts .

In the arena, only those that were quick of feet and mind, with strong arms and knowledge of the mystic arts became the champions. Many tried but few succeeded. Known Champions of the Duskruin Arena (as gathered by Navesi based on who she could find at the arena): Anilore, Bavest, Binu, Blackro, Boriz, Broichan, Currahee, Enthien, Esmian, Everics, Evro, Ezmundiuz, Jessalyne, Keldyn, Kilan, Kiritan, Liurilias, Lovasus, Mazrian, Mhisra, Navesi, Penethol, Rajirui, Saragos, Seldaren, Telutci, Tenike, Treibor, Tyrun, Uritel, Vandergrift, Whiteburn, Worrclan, Xionara, Xixist, Zaxor, Zucco.

The labyrinth perplexed many, although many others were able to catch rats after a successful maze run. The rats themselves appear to be playful pets that battle against other rats to see who can be the latest ‘iron rat’. Adventurers can change up the look of their rats with the help of some chalk that was available from the Duskruin Assemblage shop.

The major prize was bloodscrip, which was awarded for valor in combat or through the strong noses of searching adventurers in the labyrinth. A bloodscrip auction was held near the end of the arena’s stay. Many great prizes were given to the victors of the bloodthirsty bidding process, but the major prizes such as ships and elemental flares were awarded to those who had shown the most valor — or the shrewdest trading tactics.

The Duskruin Arena may be back in the future if the need ever arises for special training in the arts of war and puzzles. Look forward to more adventures and mystical treasure from Duskruin in the upcoming months!

Tyrrum Kuldarn
Reporter, The First Land Herald


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