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Posted by on 2013 May 28 | 1 comment

Elpalzi Attack Crossing, Alret Murders Xixist and Dreamheart

Elpalzi Attack Crossing, Alret Murders Xixist and Dreamheart

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 38 Akroeg 409)

The Crossing stood up against new, seemingly more powerful exploding gidii today as the Elpalzi rebels teleported in repeatedly to various locations in the city.  Far more enemy were killed than the people in town.

By the time my soul was stuffed back into my body, a good portion of the rest of the attack was over. Lucky for us, it did not last a very long time, but during the attack, Rifkinn noticed an Elpalzi Malcontent for the first time. It seemed a particularly difficult foe, according to Zynara.

Then Xixist and I left to go catch a bit of training. He was eating his meal as we stood just off the Northern Trade Route, on the turn off into geni, leucroes, et al., when someone I had never met jumped out of hiding and began to throw a weapon at him.

Ever the diplomat, I cry out, “Stop! What are you doing?”

The attacking punk doesn’t answer. I try again to get him to stop as my brain is trying to go over my options. Xixist is too heavy for me to drag away. It is too late to guard him, and I did not even have a weapon in my hands to help.

That was when Xixist died. Now I realize there was no stopping this guy. I was about to point out to him that I was unarmed, and was not attacking him, and ask for an accounting of his actions when he turns on me!

And if I had not been stunned at the first blow, I was about to just lie down and make it easier for him. I may have called him a spineless punk. I may have only thought it. It was rather hard to tell in the chaos and confusion.

By the time he tosses his spear a second time at me, I am dead. All this time, the attacker says nothing. Skaen materialized out of thin air, as he is wont to do, and I warned him to get out, because someone was killing people from hiding.

In short order, both of our corpses are gated back to the Crossing. That is when Xixist tells me, well, honestly, his ghost told my ghost, that it was Alret, the leader of the Elpalzi rebel forces, who killed us.

I am still very upset, and feel like I got my husband killed.


1 Comment

  1. Strange followup: Mere roisaen after the speedy cleric/empath team had me back on my feet, I was sitting on the Green recovering. My spirit was still rocky, my hands were still shaking, and I was very upset.

    At that same time, someone had picked up a spear from the attack on us and was trying to sell it to Caraamon.

    Really? How did that sales pitch go? “Slightly blood-stained spear for sale – great deal. Killed a bardess already!”