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Posted by on 2013 Jun 4 |

Elpalzi Attacks Upon The First Land Continue

Elpalzi Attacks Upon The First Land Continue

The past few days have brought great joy to the lands as the Guilds have come together for a festival in the lands of our neighbors to the North! Many Zolurens and Therengians alike descend upon the Fairegrounds with pockets full of coin, hoping to buy that new shirt, or toy, or if they are really lucky, see an artisan for custom work!

Unfortunately, not everyone has felt in the shopping mood.  The past few nights saw increased raid attempts by the rogue Elpalzi currently infesting Sorrow’s Keep.  Protracted attacks consisting of many dozens of the loathsome enemies attacked Crossing, including the new foe, Elpalzi Malcontents. These fearsome foes can only be felled by the strongest of Zoluren’s warriors.  In addition to the Malcontents, dissidents, incendiaries, rebels, and deadeyes teleported in using whatever foul sorcery the Elpalzi employ.

The Vela’tohr and the Steel Gladiolus in conjunction with fellow adventurers thwarted the attacks swiftly, while our combined triage teams easily handled the flow of inured and felled forces, leading to a successful defense!

By my Hand –
Elriic DeMooran-Melniibone, Co-Commander of the Vela’tohr Civilian Militia
~For Zoluren there is NO price to high, NO sacrifice too small!