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Posted by on 2013 Aug 5 |

Elpalzi Rear Up Again After Long Silence

Elpalzi Rear Up Again After Long Silence

(Crossing, Zoluren: 35 Skullcleaver 409)

After almost two months of inactivity, the Elpalzi scums tried to attack the Crossing again. The Elpalzi did not bring their best effort, no sightings of rebels or malcontents were reported – but the Crossing sure did, and within 2 roisaen, they were all dead, or had fled too fast to get killed.

Vela’tohr Commander Xixist and Evro were taking no prisoners as they roamed the hot spots in town. As they got out the East Gate, they were there on the front line, preventing the enemy from reaching Ulf’Hara.

The enemy employed bombs strapped to poor animals again, and loosed them in any place in the city where more than a couple people were. Temple triage reported way too many head wounds from these bombs.

At one point, a number of toxophilites breached the very gates of the Temple and made their way in through the door of the temple itself! Even though they were dispatched by Crossing defenders, not too long after that triage itself was bombed, making an absolute mess out of the already hectic business of triage during an emergency.

Vela’tohr triage veteran, Acynarian, observed, “With so many head injuries and iffy herbal help now, it was rough.”

By the end of the second anlas, the Crossing was rooting out the remaining Elpalzi in town. Vela’tohr reports concluded it was a medium-sized attack, but short in duration. We are all hoping this might mean they are running out of soldiers to throw at us.