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Posted by on 2013 Sep 19 |

Elpazi Assassin Targets Crossing Leaders, Wives

Elpazi Assassin Targets Crossing Leaders, Wives

(17 Lirisa 410, The Crossing)

It was a lovely spring day. I was carving, dressed casually without any armor, in the Engineering Society. There was no hint of anything wrong. The door to the workroom was closed, and I was alone.

From the corner of your eye, I caught the briefest blur of shadowy movement. I put my carving away as fast as I could and fled. I got no further than outside the door of the Engineering Society.

A muscular male Elpalzi garbed in dark clothing suddenly slipped out of the shadows towards me. It was Assassin Tengh, who lashed out at me with a twisted hunk of jagged metal. I was dead, on the ground, alone on the street. I wanted to cry out a warning, and I could do nothing. I was a ghost. Tengh left a scrap of a parchment that said:

The Silver Dragon is coming.

I heard a rough Elpalzi voice exclaiming from the shadows where he hid, “You have become a difficulty we will not tolerate!  End your meddling, or you and all with whom you associate will face more slaughter!”

Xixist found me first, and I warned him to leave, that it was a trap, there was an assassin. But too late. He fell next to the assassin’s blade.

Friends quickly drug us to the front of the Empath’s guild where we were healed and resurrected. Sometime in the middle of that process, the assassin struck down Kaelie, and empath and another member of the Vela’tohr. One of the people standing there, asked if this meant an Elpalzi attack was imminent.

I sure thought so, and hoped that the city was on alert. I had not even recovered from my brush with death when the Elpalzi scum were attacking all their favorite spots in town, and a 4 anlas long attack took place. While the Elpalzi troops, joined by their champion forces halfway in, tried to best the Crossing’s defenders, this same Assassin, Tengh, was skulking all about town, assassinating key leaders, or their wives. Linett and I were both attacked.

Of those struck directly by the assassin, I know of: Elriic, Rifkinn, Heartsfyre, and as I already mentioned, Kaelie, Linett, and myself.

During one particularly hard moment during the attack, Rifkinn thought out, “This Assassin is doing more damage than the whole army combined.”

Tengh sure did make things more difficult. When it was over, though, the Crossing defenders and Team Zoluren beat back every Elpalzi scum.

Wrenfirth covered the attack live, like she always does, when possible, via Tweets.

The Silver Dragon may be coming … but really, The Crossing is already here.

Meddle that for a while.