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Posted by on 2013 Jun 1 |

GuildFest 409 is Here

GuildFest 409 is Here

(Therenborough Fairgrounds, Therengia: 3 Kalen 409)

The much-anticipated GuildFest is here for the next week. The opening flurry of tents and caravans are set up, along with some fun games and rides.

The Baron came out opening day to walk the Festival, which was quite a surprise to everyone that bumped into him as he shopped at a few vendors.

You’ll find some new things never offered before in some of the merchants’ wares, as well as some moldy oldies in a Nostalgia merchant. Guild favorites are available behind restricted entries with flower charms, war horns, ledgers, pilgrim badges, war paint, and more!

As the scrolls go silent, and the hunting grounds empty out … even the Starry Host might have time for some shopping.

Don’t miss the Complete GuildFest 409 Guide in the Elanthipedia, parts of it are still being written, but are updated frequently. And Rajara’s advice about getting ready to attend is even more important now that the festival has started!

Fest-goer hint of the day: the festival exit disbands your group. That is going to be prime pickings (pun intended) for the shadier folks as groups of people re-group together. Agree with your group before you even go into the arch to make your way somewhere individually and get back together well beyond the trouble-ridden areas.

One wonders what kind of bribe it took to arrange that specific little “oops”. Hmmm!