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The usually Bright atmosphere of this year’s Hollow Eve Festival is tainted with pain and fear. A DARK DOCTOR operates here. The First Land Herald brings to you the stories of three of his victims: Skaen S’kursk, Lieutenant Jaibriel Laveau, and Whiteburn. We thank them for their bravery in coming forward.

Skaen told us that INSPECTOR REXT had found “a few bodies, horribly disfigured and bloody, so badly that they were unrecognizable.” The inspector was looking for what he called a SHADOWY ALCOVE, believed to be the base of operations for the MAD SURGEON BEEZELL. It is the inspector’s belief that the ALCOVE MOVES and this is why it has been so difficult for him to locate. Each of our three Victims managed to find the alcove and reported its Location.

Each victim was later Ambushed. They reported that a bag was thrown over their head, they felt the pinch of a needle, and when they awoke they were upon the surgeon’s table. They were drugged again and awakened later to discover some Mutilation had been visited upon their person. Skaen suffered the withering of his Tail, Jaibriel was stripped of the flesh beneath her skin (see SKETCH 1), and Whiteburn’s injury is too Sensitive to print.

SKETCH 1: The translucent paper bears the image of a gaunt, pale Human woman, her black hair tightly wound in dreadlocks against her head. The artist has highlighted the skeletal nature of her face and torso, her eyes underscored by dark circles. The simple clothes she wears hang off her frame unnaturally, embroidered spiders crawling across the front of her cloak.
Beneath the sketch reads: “Lieutenant Jaibriel Laveau, Atrophied by Beezell.”

We thank Hodierna that Empaths were able to heal Skaen and Whiteburn, but as Skaen says, he will always carry the scars in his Heart and Mind.

I will now describe to you the experience I had Myself which may be related. I was standing just outside the Spider when I heard a Voice, harsh and grating, echoing around me:

“The harvest is not about your death, it is about how you become of use.”

“We are many. We are who we are. Neither man nor woman.”

“Do you accept the harvest?”

There were those present who — for reasons unknown — chose to Accept. These people were invariably snatched from the crowd and returned sometime later, MISSING ALL OF THEIR LIMBS, EYES, AND SKIN. When we questioned the Voice, we received this response:

“Of course we want to harvest you. It is useful.”

Whiteburn confirmed in her interview that a similar experience was Visited unto her. She too heard the Voice as she discovered the Alcove again. This Voice again spoke of a harvest, asking if she wanted to be Useful.

Finally, I leave you with the following image (SKETCH 2). It is an Attempt at the likeness of the BUTCHER BEEZELL from the descriptions of the victims. Whiteburn also reported that she believes him to be Lean and reeking of Blood.

SKETCH 2: The image shows only a shadowed face, its details unclear save for two large black almond-shaped eyes.
Beneath the sketch reads: “Beezell.”

Remain wary, my reader! And above all, if you are Guilded, STAND UP AND FACE THIS MONSTER. He wishes to remain in the Shadows. We must shine the light upon him and BRING HIM TO JUSTICE. If you have any information, please bring it to myself, Navesi Daerthon, or to Inspector Rext.


Those visiting the Hollow Eve festival may have noticed in recent days the serious FLOODING occurring in the BELOW DECKS region of the Spider. Water levels came to shin-high on a Human, with Sand Bags situated in front of every shop. Each day the Spider itself made louder and more worrisome creaks and groans, even dipping to touch the Ground on some occasions, as it held the great Weight of this Water.

We at the Herald were informed by Whiteburn and an Anonymous source that Captain Kurmin hired Drogorian Priest XAISH to investigate. This Priest examined the wall panelings below decks until one was Discovered that made a Hollow sound upon tapping. Behind the panel was an ORB MADE ENTIRELY OF FLUID WATER, which was in the process of DUMPING WATER IN GREAT QUANTITIES into the Spider.

Whiteburn reported that the entire congregation following the Priest prayed to Drogor, and He delivered a message unto them. To quote her: “He said that His wrath had been quelled, and that we would know peace once more.”

At this time, the Orb changed its coloring from a stormy Grey to a peaceful Blue, and the water ceased to flow.

One further minor Note: Upon investigating the damage of the Flooding, we discovered a Hatch that we had not noticed before in the Below Decks. Take caution! It leads to an unused area that is still flooded, and SEWER RATS and EELS have made their home there. A further oddity is that the use of Magic and Gwethdesuans, usually prohibited within the Spider, is allowed in this area.

We thank Drogor for Calming and hope that there is now one fewer Obstacle to enjoying the Festival.

Take care Spider-goers,

Navesi Daerthon
Editor, First Land Herald


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