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Posted by on 2016 Jan 11 |

Crossing War Report: Recent Elpalzi Assaults

Crossing War Report: Recent Elpalzi Assaults


The Elpalzi returned with a vengeance yesterday as their forces assaulted the Crossing for the sixth time in about as many andaen. Heavy casualties from the fighting were apparent in the triage stations during all engagements. Each assault was pushed back by the combined forces of the Orders and independent adventurers protecting the city proper.

The first assault began with a vision visited unto moon mages: A shadowy haze descended upon their surroundings as their vision shifted. As they adjusted, a decaying fort came into view, though it was little more than burned wood and mounds of mud and rubble.  Ancient soldiers that no longer draw breath, each wearing uniforms of a forgotten time, rose up only to be blasted into oblivion by robed mages. As their surroundings returned, they heard a faint whisper, “Lord Alret will rule all, you know.”

Shortly thereafter, in the Middens outside the East gate of the Crossing, a company of Elpalzi and S’lai soldiers was discovered near the ruined Fort Motte, pouring through a massive, brilliant greyish-green moongate. Saragos Daerthon led a small group of adventurers against this company, regularly charging and cutting off soldiers from the group to engage. Navesi Daerthon reported overhearing an Elpalzi Major saying, “Alret will be pleased that Fort Motte can readily be claimed.” Midway through the attack reports came in of Elpalzi at the East gate, Saragos reporting that he heard an Elpalzi captain cry out, “The unit is nearing the gate. Return to the keep, our job is done!” The adventuring group fell back to defend the city, eventually defeating those at the East gate. However, the Daerthons reported hearing an Elpalzi lieutenant cry out, “We knew our mission, lads! Make ’em hurt while you stand!” and later another Elpalzi officer yelled, “We’ve done it, men. The rest are safe, and we’ve earned a warrior’s death!” Locals are still speculating as to what this mysterious mission was. Fort Motte currently remains empty except for its usual spiritual conscripts.

Later assaults took a different form, without the rigid formation of companies. Rather, the usual Elpalzi attackers swarmed through the Crossing and up the Northern Trade Route, in particular targeting the Northeast Gate area, along Magen Road and Clanthew Boulevard, and the West gate. In most assaults, the Elpalzi pushed down from Kaerna to the Northeast gate of the Crossing. During most fights, the Elpalzi were reported unleashing arrow volleys against the defenders,sometimes coated with highly toxic poisons which add to the lethality of their battle tactics. If you find yourself at the forefront of an assault and they are aiming down at you, it is highly recommended to counter  by holding a heavy shield in front of you. Other typical Elpalzi tactics seen were the ability to moongate with an intriguing green tinged style around the gates. If you see any moongates forming with that particular color, you are urged to run and report the sightings. Do NOT attempt to enter the moongates, as they are protected by Elpalzi archers who fire through it at those who advance. Concussive bombs were used in some of the attacks, though not as frequently as in past assaults. Do NOT congregate in large masses, as these invite bombings. If you are hit with such a bomb, eghmok tonic and hulij elixir are recommended remedies for the internal head wounds.

During each assault, additional Elpalzi forces have been spotted in a number of different locations. In particular, they have been spotted at the Fortress of Sorrow’s Keep, as reported by the Field Medic Favre, and also at the ruined Fort Motte directly outside of the Crossing, as reported by Navesi Daerthon. Authorities have been silent on the reasons why these differing locations were targeted at the same time.  In the most recent assault, Elpalzi General Alret and Lieutenant Geva taunted the Crossing over the gweth with the theft of the infamous Magen Road barrel, with Alret thinking, “Wits enough to help myself to some bank funds as well.” It is clear that the Elpalzi employ serious feinting maneuvers, attacking in several places at once so as to mask their true objective.

With the recent surge in Elpalzi activity, it is advised that most travelers and citizens prepare a defense in mind and body as well. The skill of the Elpalzi ranges near as much as the skill of the adventurers across the lands, with some being of a difficulty an average circle fighter could take on to those that are beyond the skill of even Legendary ranked fighters. When engaging the Elpalzi, be sure to do an appraisal of their skill. Remember that if it is very difficult or nearly impossible to engage, then it’s typically best to take a step back and find other ways to help in the battle instead of becoming a casualty yourself. One way to help before the battle is to take a scenic stroll on the walls to familiarize yourself with the defenses that ring the walls of the Crossing, which may be very handy for the next time the Elpalzi probe the walls.

In the meantime, there has been extensive study of the known Elpalzi by scribe and scholar Navesi Daerthon, as detailed in her story at this location.

Any sighting of Elpalzi in the future is a sure sign of danger and if spotted, travelers and citizens are urged to report over the Gwethdesan network.


Tyrrum Kuldarn
Reporter, The First Land Herald


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