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Posted by on 2013 Oct 18 |





A Strange and Repulsive creature appeared today in the Crossing, of a race we now call the Akul’tiz. It called itself the First [OOC: Xitoccanemun]. It has loose, hairless skin that has been tattooed to black, pointed Teeth, long, sharpened, emerald green nails, and gigantic violet Eyes. Prior to its arrival many people reported strange visions, the type appearing to vary based upon guild.

IT IMMEDIATELY ATTACKED Sister Tasrhhsu of the Ru’atin Peri’el, flourishing two fingers and causing her EYEBALLS TO EXPLODE. It cried out, “For the Mother!” and later claimed that the Mother would reward or spare people if they would give Tasrhhsu over. It said that, “She is for the Mother. For the darkness,” and claimed that her eyes please the Mother, who hungers. It said it would have her soul, “a singer for the singer”, and said, “She will have the singer, even if all must perish.”

“Soon all is Hers. Eyes will all be dark. Hide in your magic, hide in your song. It matters not. She takes all. She is the mother of Darkness. She who consumes the eyes of the lessers.”

After a long Battle fighting to get the Sister away from it and to safety, IT EVENTUALLY PREVAILED, STRIKING HER DOWN. Afterward it plunged its Nails into her eye sockets and said to her, “Soon.”


All evidence suggests that the First is in fact THE CREATURE THAT WAS WITHIN THE CHRYSALIS upon the Dergatian altar in Therengia. The altar there is now Vacant, with a fresh Hole behind it where something burrowed away. When the First was confronted with one man, it said to him, “I feel you still. You fed, yes. You helped me to grow. To learn.” The man admitted to feeding the chrysalis with his spirit.


Upon the First’s arrival, new, dangerous threats emerged to attack the Crossing and surrounds, for which special Caution is highly recommended.

The First’s race is called the Akul’tiz, and they are short, plump humanoids with rattish faces, very wide jaws, and hairless grey skin that hangs flaccidly from their frame. They tend to go barefoot, have remarkable speed and agility, and have grub-like fingers with long, sharpened nails painted a bright malachite-green at the end. DO NOT underestimate them!

They are possessed of many nasty tricks, including spawning other threats upon death, striking the Spirit, and using attacks that Blind, Remove the Tongue, Stun, and Poison. It is highly advised to have Clerical protection and Blessing before engaging!

In roughly ascending order of difficulty they are:

  1. BUTCHERBIRD and DINANLA SLUG. Slugs may detonate when killed!
  2. AKUL’TIZ (zebra-striped, moth-tattooed, shrike-tattooed). Roughly as skilled as a Rock Guardian. May rise from the dead as an AKUL’TIZ GHOST (see below) after being slain, or spawn UMBRAL MOTHS (see below).
  3. AKUL’TIZ GHOST – May drain Spirit.
  4. AKUL’TIZ NIGHTBLADE – These Foul warriors attack from the Shadows, and have the ability to BLIND at range with their Claws! May also drain Spirit.
  5. AKUL’TIZ LIGHTBANE – Also Stealthy, may spit POISON sprays and BLIND at range with their claws. May also become AKUL’TIZ GHOSTS when killed.
  6. DERGATIAN SPAWN AND BEHEMOTH – These mole-like animals are as large as a mammoth, and often bear the Akul’tiz into battle. They are powerful and well-armored, and cause stuns with their Nasal Tentacles.
  7. UMBRAL MOTH – These winged creatures will Ambush, and if able to grapple with an opponent will POISON with their probosci, RIP OUT TONGUES, and also drain one’s Spirit! They RANGE in difficulty, perhaps naturally, or perhaps gaining strength from the Tongues they consume. They may become as difficult as Lava Drakes.
  8. AKUL’TIZ SHADOW MATRIARCH – Extremely powerful and difficult to damage, they may attack with the spell Dinazen Olkar. They also drain Spirit! Be warned! They have been reported to be as difficult as the Champion Elpalzi Malcontents.

The First itself has been seen to EXPLODE THE EYEBALLS of many, and is protected in some way by a pair of Spectral Black Wings, which appear to block Scrying. It also has a Cloak of Feathery Shadows that leap about it, with unknown properties.

Further, it uses magicks to conjure a Black Halo, manifesting as a fog that blots out the world just as Dergati’s hand clamps over the stars. This Halo has the capability to Stun, and to Toss one away from it. Engage it in an ENCLOSED area to avoid being tossed.

It was also witnessed to use Horn of the Black Unicorn and Dinazen Olkar.

Mazrian of the Raven Guard said that it was even more deft in combat than the notorious Elpalzi Assassins.


Several people reported feeling a “close presence” outside the gate of Therenborough, directly after visiting the vacant Dergati altar. The skilled Empath Mordibar could not sense the presence of anyone Hidden. The group also heard soft clicks, and odd noises that sounded very Close. Native Therengians assured the Herald that such noises are not normal for Therenborough.


S.D. & N.O.