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Drogor has Awakened, sending masses of Flying Eels and celpeze to terrorize Shard, Riverhaven, and the Crossing in the past few days. The smaller eels, called Cloud and Thunder eels, were described as roughly three feet in length, while the larger and more dangerous Stormrider eels were a full five feet or longer. Both types could float effortlessly through the air, OUT OF RANGE of our smaller weapons — although certain Spears and pole-length weapons could reach them. The Stormriders were said to crackle with Electricity, and often pulsed an attack that would injure All Nearby. Below I list a rough description of their unique Abilities, followed by a Very approximate ordering of their Difficulty, from easiest to most difficult:


  • All eels: FLYING. Cannot be hit by short melee weapons.
  • All eels(?): Idon’s Theft.  This spell steals a mage’s currently prepared spell — although thankfully, they do not appear to then cast the spell themselves. Lieutenant Starlear of Ilithi suggests preparing a Benign spell for them to steal before casting important spells.
  • Cloud eel. Casts Air Lash and Geyser.
  • Thunder eel. Casts Lightning, Chain Lightning, Thunderclap.
  • Stormrider. Pulsing area lightning attack. Also casts Lightning and Chain Lightning.

DIFFICULTY [easiest to hardest — VERY approximate]

  1. Alabaster cloud eel and thunder eel.
  2. Turquoise/teal/cerulean cloud eel and thunder eel.
  3. Celpeze.
  4. Lapis-hued cloud eel and thunder eel.
  5. Onyx cloud eel ~~  similar to the lava drake.
  6. Stormrider ~~ similar to the umbral moth.

More information is still needed about the lesser eels. Anyone who can provide accurate Appraisals of such should contact me, Navesi Osirit of the First Land Herald.


During the first eel Invasion of Shard, the Brave forces of the Crystal Vanguard militia discovered that, upon killing the eels, they would often find slime-covered Eggs. Court Mage Miskton Ramahk decided to investigate the eggs, and discovered that, with the use of Holy water, CLEANING them with the WATER made them identifiable as Albatross eggs. When these eggs were cleaned and taken to OPEN SKY and RAISED up, they would summon great LEMICAN ALBATROSSES, which would fight at our soldiers’ sides! These creatures were of magnificent strength and chose to fight with us, however, take great care — if attacked, including with Area spells, THEY WILL TURN on their attacker!

Thus, particularly for fighters of lesser skill, finding an egg and employing Clerical help to Bless some water should prove Most Useful.

Theological scholars can only contemplate what would cause such Division among a god’s aspects, such that Light avatars attack the Dark of the selfsame god. Regardless of the reasons, we give thanks to Lemicus for Her generous aid.


Field Hospital. Defenders of Zoluren, recall that the location of the Field Hospital during invasion is in the Healerie. Go inside the Empath guild, down, and through the doors.

Emergency Supplies. Prepare an emergency kit ahead of the storm. Stockpile herbs, particularly Lujeakave for nerves. Triage Strategist Aislynn recommends lujeakave tonics over potions, as they will heal critical wounds. Set out armor useful against Electricity as well as pole and ranged weapons. Store enough food and drinking water to last several days, and consider a light source. In case of Flood, store valuable items on the second floor or higher of your home.

Evacuation Plan. Have a plan ready for leaving the city if necessary. Write ahead to relatives and plan to go to them if times become difficult.  Follow Instructions from officials, and always leave immediately if ordered. Wait until the city is declared Safe before returning home.

Prayer. Appease the Lord of Storms with prayer, offerings of shark teeth and shark beads. Give thanks to Lemicus our Savior. Shelter Thyself under Lemicus‘ Wing.

In Drowning Dreams do Drogor’s Dragons Drift. Drenched and Dreary, we pray to Dry.

Navesi Osirit
Editor, First Land Herald


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