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411|4|5. Be Advised, Zoluren! Our Dogged Enemy, the Elpalzi, resumes the attack, reappearing from their resting place in Sorrow’s Reach! On this night, Elpalzi warriors and champion warriors invaded the Crossing, using their signature BOMBS to attack crowded areas. A reminder that these bombs typically cause INTERNAL HEAD wounds and DEAFNESS. Mazrian said that TWO HITS from such bombs COULD be enough to kill, so seek healing quickly if you do not wish to Risk Death!

Barricade. Further, the Elpalzi saw fit to erect a BARRICADE just north of Kaerna Village. This barricade blocked travel to the north along the Trade road, and from behind its safety the Elpalzi fired volleys of arrows, emptied barrels of boiling oil and boiling water, and tossed rocks and boulders! The tactic to destroy the barricade is to first rid the area of Elpalzi fighters, then ADVANCE upon the barricade itself. Enough of our solid blows will bring down their shoddy craftsmanship!

Field Hospital. Healing and raising immediately commenced in the HEALERIE in the Crossing Empath Guild (once inside, go down, through the doors). Bravo to the skilled Empaths, Clerics, and Bards who assisted.

Elpalzi Levels. As a reminder to our veterans and a notice to any new fighters, we here re-publish our rough ESTIMATE of Elpalzi fighters’ ability. We note next to some an estimated creature of similar Ability. Note that most Ranged attackers appear to be more deadly when attacking than defending.

CHAMPIONs of these fighters are of course more difficult to kill!


  1. Bowyer   ~~   Viper
  2. Hunter
  3. Sharpshooter
  4. Deadeye
  5. Toxophilite   ~~  Celpeze


  1. Instigator    ~~   Viper
  2. Partisan
  3. Dissident    ~~   Rhoat Moda
  4. Fomentor
  5. Rebel
  6. Incendiary   ~~  Celpeze
  7. Malcontent

Summary. You may also wish to review our earlier Summary of Elpalzi abilities.

The time for Festivities is, sadly, over. Prepare, good Zoluren, for a fight.

Navesi Osirit
Editor, First Land Herald 

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