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Posted by on 2013 Oct 7 |

TURMAR MINERS LOST, RETURN INSANE — Survivor Vathbiirk Speaks of Escaping the Keep

TURMAR MINERS LOST, RETURN INSANE — Survivor Vathbiirk Speaks of Escaping the Keep



Seneschal Maghana told the Herald that TEN MINERS WENT MISSING for several days from a private Turmar mine, located Between the Lesser and Greater Fists.

When they were Recovered, they were EYELESS AND BABBLING. They cannot for the most part be understood, their words making no Sense. However, on occasion, they will PRAY IN UNISON. The Seneschal reported that they pray to the Thirteen — though not all did Worship the Thirteen previously — and primarily to Peri’el. She requested of Khalo rae Aev Halfrida that she pay a Visit to the Turmars in an attempt to heal these miners’ broken Minds.

Lady Maghana also reported that the miners in all the Turmar mines are hearing strange Sounds. An Anonymous Traveler told the Herald that these sounds were of Scratching, Humming, Creaking — sometimes almost Voices.

In related news, Sister Tasrhhsu of the Ru’atin Peri’el visited the Seneschal, and reported that there is something DIFFERENT IN THE SONG OF THE SISTERS. She wishes to visit the Turmar miners.

Seer Mistanna related a Vision involving Peri’el:

A sonorous, lulling song reverberated through her bones, accompanied by a sense of mountainous pressure. Sibilant melodies from an otherworldly throat melded with pristine notes plucked from a distant khurmary as they rose and fell sweetly. Shimmering, an inscribed stone stela wavered into view: “Honor be to blessed Peri’el, for Her lullabies quell not only the World Dragon, but lesser horrors of the subterranean depths as well.”


Guardswoman Vathbiirk of Ulf’Hara Keep spoke to the Herald about her final moments before the Keep was destroyed by Elpalzi. She says she was Awakened by a smell that reminded her of her Mining days, a smell of Naphtha and Black Powder — used to create Explosives. She ran from her bed and noted that, strangely, she saw no Others in the halls, nor heard any Alarm Bells.

Court Advisor Cyiarriah reported that the Elpalzi destroyed the Keep by making a frontal Assault and sending in Suicide Bombers.


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