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Today the Zoluren Guard KRYTHE discovered and captured a ROGUE XALA’SHAR attempting to steal from a barn in Wolf Clan. Intrepid adventurers killed the creature before he could reveal much, but he did mention that he went into the barn to gather supplies.

Shortly thereafter, Krythe tracked the Xala’shar to their Nest, an area in the Wilderness south of Knife Clan. Several died during the discovery, but thankfully all were returned by the gods to life. The Xala’shar were too many to subdue, so the Zoluren military sent a band of mages to erect a MAGICAL CONTAINMENT BARRIER. Local adventurers aided in this endeavor by raising mana. In a fascinating display of ritual magic, Elemental, Life, and Holy magicks were combined to create this magnificent — though invisible — barrier. Krythe explained that this barrier contains the cursed creatures but allows the passage of others.

Should any adventurer be FOOLHARDY enough to risk attacking the Xala’shar in their lair, he or she would find the way via a PATH near to the tree displaying a caught boot. The path is well hidden so search well. Attached is a map of the encampment.

BE WARNED — THEY ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. The easiest of them, found near the path, have been likened to young wyverns by TENIKE. They become progressively more difficult as one proceeds into the area.

Note also that their equipment is FOUL and TAINTED, and possession of it will ALARM the local citizenry.


We believe the Xala’shar to have once been people of the Eleven Races, but they are now CURSED and PERVERSE Necromancers who have altered their bodies in DRAMATIC ways. For example, the thralls are known to sew runestones into their arms, for unknown purposes. Furthermore, when they kill an innocent, they typically perform disturbing rituals upon the body, harvesting parts such as the innards.

Once prominent Necromancer VEYNE called himself their leader, but he has been missing for many years.

Stay safe Zoluren,

Navesi Osirit
Editor, First Land Herald


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