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Posted by on 2013 Oct 7 |

Hollow Eve Nears

Hollow Eve Nears

Night settles across the lands, bringing a cooling respite from the day’s fetid heat. From Velaka’s sultry deserts to the Forfedhdar’s rough outposts, the people of Elanthia seek out their beds, hoping for solace from the day’s cares.

The land is gripped by nocturnal misery; a plague of nightmares. Yet even the wakeful are not spared — in the night, the sleepless whisper tales of unnatural things moving, half-glimpsed creatures perverse and terrible…

Waking Nightmares – Hollow Eve 410

But even with 228 promised shops and some of our favorite merchants, the complete shock at the ticket price is still hard to swallow.  16 days of shopping or over 60 days of fun might be a better way to phrase the cost of admission.

Expected Merchants:

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