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Posted by on 2014 Mar 15 |

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

(3 Akroeg 412: The Crossing, Zoluren)

Following the events of Asketi’s Ride, and several previous small skirmishes about the Crossing, I want to impress upon the citizenry the real dangers that these invasions bring, and how to combat each one effectively.

The major player in an invasion is confusion; who is supposed to be where, and what is going on when.  First and foremost, empaths and clerics (sans VERY able bodied clerics.) should find themselves inexplicably drawn towards triage (which is, until further notice, to be located in the blue room of the healerie, beneath the empath’s guild.)  Once there, it is better to be told you’re not needed, than to take upon yourself to go out and be a battle empath or try to raise in the field.  When you leave triage, don’t do so without being told it’s ok; Triage MUST run smoothly, or the rest of the invasion goes poorly.

If you’re given an logical command from a militia member, please do your best to follow it.  We are trained for these situations, and, as a general rule, have a better grasp of what’s going on than the average citizen.  That’s not to say you dance if we command the monkey to dance; I prefer a shuffle, personally.  Old as I am, dancing isn’t an easy thing anymore.

If someone has taken it upon themselves to TRY and lead the defense, it’s generally wise to listen to their words.  True, it may not be the BEST advice, but mediocre advice is still better than none at all.  It means someone has taken the time to step back from the combat and oversee the defense, and is trying, very hard, to not let this week’s bad guys burn the city to the ground.

So you want to be in charge?  Move the troops, maneuver men like a giant game of chess?  Then heed the words of someone who’s done it before, and maybe you won’t get us all killed.

Take a step back from combat.  In fact, put your sword away.  If it’s in your hand, you might use it.  Don’t.  That means you’re focused on one room, one enemy.  You need to be focused on the big picture, not on the defense of a single space.

Be mobile.  Walk into a space, assess it’s needs.  Are there waves of creatures running rampant, or is it handled?  Be quick about your assessment, and then move on.  Don’t dally.  Lots of places need your eyes, and standing around skylarking isn’t helping.  I’m not getting any younger while you drool and babble to yourself.

Be direct, when dealing with people.  Instead of asking generic questions on the gweth, such as,  ‘How’s triage?’ try something a bit more firm, such as asking a specific person how triage is.  It forces someone to answer, instead of everyone assuming everyone else will answer.  If everyone was going to answer, no one would.  And then you’re ineffective.  Generally, Kaelie or Aislynn will be in triage, and probably in charge of it.  “Kaelie, how is triage looking?  What do you need?” is a lot better than saying, ‘How’s triage, folks?”

Heed my words, or ignore them.  The choice is entirely yours.  But remember; if we all stand together, the crossing shall stand with us.  If we stand divided, the Crossing will burn.