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Posted by on 2013 Jul 2 |

Memorial For Martee Del’Amar

Memorial For Martee Del’Amar

Tuesday July 9, 10pm at the Crossing Amphitheatre

…is the date for the  celebration of the life and adventures of  Martee at the Crossing Amphitheater. This will be an OOC event and give us all the opportunity to say goodbye together to someone who touched many lives throughout the years on staff and as a player. Portals will be provided shortly before the memorial — look for a stately amphitheater portal in the following locations:

  • North Road, Barony Pass
  • Langenfirth, Jalgelvjegu
  • Riverhaven, Town Square
  • The Strand, Sandy Path
  • Leth Deriel, Sana’ati Dyaus Drui’tas
  • Shard, East Bridge
  • Aesry Surlaenis’a, Staho Lanahh’Mus
  • Carillon, Garden
  • Ratha, Port Walk
  • Muspar’i, Great Gate Square

Tuesday July 9, 10pm; Crossing Amphitheatre

Add this to your calendar. Don’t forget to leave your memories and remarks about her, we’ll be sending them on to her family.