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Posted by on 2013 Aug 19 |

Trip Notes For Travelers to Garnaal’s Pavilion

Trip Notes For Travelers to Garnaal’s Pavilion

(Hibarnhvidar, Forfedhdar: 13 Nissa 409)

With the shop opening in 30 roisaen, (OOC: 5:30 Eastern Time)  here are some trip notes for people to use as they plan to journey to Hibarnhvidar to visit the Moonsilk Pavilion by Garnaal with moonsilver treasures going on sale soon. A crowd is slowly gathering here for the expected opening of the Master Craftsman’s limited goods.

You’ll be able to travel here via Boar Clan, Raven’s Point, or Leth Deriel. It sounds ever so … central, right? (For out in the boonies…)

The Pavilion is located on the main market road as you come in through the gates of the city in Outer Hibarnhvidar. Coincidentally, one of the public banks is right across the street. How’s that for handy? Estate Holders will find a bank branch in Inner Hibarnhvidar, through the iron gate on the east end of Upper Gate Road.

Many of the necessities of life are in Inner Hibarnhvidar. That’s where you’ll find the hospital, government offices, Estate holder offices, the Carousel, and many shops.

So far, in this city of trade and craftsmen, I have been unable to locate any crafting society buildings. It’s an irony that I hope will not be lost on you, good reader. I could find nowhere to repair armor, weapons, or tools – so bring your own craftsman friend if you need anything like that.

Now, there IS a guild here for Barbarians and one for Traders, but I haven’t seen any others. There are even places you can train a few things. The Temple to Kertigen is not too large, but very impressive, it is located in Inner Hibarnhvidar.

I’ve found a bar in the ‘Tog-town district, a nice Inn on the Market Road in Outer Hibarnhvidar called the Singing Raven, and a very large Inn called the Thirteenth passage in Inner Hibarnhvidar proper.

The locals must do all their shopping at the established stores. And it is clear why Garnaal put his own Pavilion up, the Market Plaza is empty, and out of the way. Or perhaps they travel to other provinces for what they need.

I found a Traders Guild Auction tent. I can only guess when the last time it was used. All traces of the path to Hollow’s Eve festival are gone, and I get the feeling that nearly everyone I see is here for this one appearance of Garnaal’s Stolen From the Moons Pavilion.

And don’t forget your platinums – in Dokoras; and lots of them. Phabious gave us a preview of the goods for sale.