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Remember Them….

Remember Them….

It all began when I remembered an old struggle of my own. I was sitting with Klines, a young Elothean Moon mage that had befriended me only days before. We sat just above the waterfall, talking about struggles for power and why people would be so drawn to it. We considered many things and his own personal occurrences of the day. We discussed how power in our own lives had brought us both to look apon the world differently than some would.

In the couple days to pass I had returned back to Therengia patrolling and doing things I myself needed to do. When I was not there, I continued to meet with Klines and we continued to talk and a desire began to grow even more so in him than myself that the recent attacks apon our lands were not ending.

This man known as Drogor was releasing a wrath upon us we did not comprehend. Oh, everyone had their theories. The stories tell us Drogor, the brother of Lemicus was jealous of his own mother Eluneds love for Lemicus and that this could be what was causing the wrath. Drogor himself had been warning the people of the lands that this was because something had to be returned. I think this woke something in Klines because he suddenly had a thirst for the knowledge of what this Drogor wanted. There appeared at the gates of the ongoing festival Dark robed clerics, clearly minions of Drogor. They were asking tasks of everyone to appease the Immortal in whatever way they could but no matter how many tasks they undertook the matter was not being quelled. Klines and I both agreed on one thing in watching this happen, neither of us were going to follow Drogor and do tasks to appease a god that appeared to be getting pleasure out of picking on the people of Elanthia. Sharks, Eels, Stormriders were not sending a message that he was on our side at all. The torment that was giving Drogor pleasure in his power was something we both agreed had to end.

Upon meeting up to discuss this further one night, Klines began to recount to me what he had done and experienced. I recounted some of my own experiences and the next few days became intense to say the least. Here is as we relayed to the people after all had taken place what we were tasked to do.

Klines and I started in Therengia with our account. Klines began by telling the tale of what started with him only an Andu before. Klines explained to a young paladin, Silverwulf of having been on a personal mission of sorts, to learn more about the nature of the Immortals. How in his doing so, he may have been overly critical in the wording he used when describing his own feelings to these Immortals. Still not convinced however that he was wrong, he did admit that his mission needed to happen a different way. Klines began explaining that after using some choice words directed at Drogor himself one night he was struck by a bolt of lightnining which I unfortunately had the displeasure of seeing. The way it appeared to me when it happened was first hearing A crack of wet thunder sounds, accompanied by the stagnant and pungent smell of brine. Within the blink of an eye, a blast of marine-blue forked lightning appeared from above. Then came The smell of brine growing stronger, but is accompanied now by the stench of burnt flesh, as the marine-hued lightning sought its target. As quickly as it appeared, the entity dissipated now to show that its divine work was complete.

Klines and I were then joined by Whitbuffalo, Govahgn, and Karzak as they all started to listen.

He continued by sharing that after he was struck and we found clerical and empathic help that any cleric which would attempt to help him was then shared of his lesson by having the favor of their chosen Immortal stripped from them for trying to raise him. Eventually he was brought back to a mortal state. Myself overwhelmed by the experience needed time to think and ponder and so for a time we parted ways.

Klines continued to explain how he continued on his mission, seeking others that felt similar to himself. While leaving out the names to protect certain people he bagan speaking of a conversation he had with them that ended in a most peculiar fashion. And this perhaps is where the story actually begins.
He went on to discuss how himself, and these two others were discussing feelings on the matter of Drogor and even the Immortals themselves. The other two began to yell out to Drogor as he himself had. They used similar language and the result was very much the same. Klines saw them struck before him as he had previously been. He closed his eyes preparing for the worst. To be struck again, the inevitable but it never came. Instead, this time He heard a voice. It was no more than a whisper. So quiet almost he could not actually make out the words. However, He immediately felt as though his soul itself was in danger and it was directly related to the people he had been speaking to.

I sat here at the bin with Klines not having heard some of this from him yet so I too was intrigued somewhat with what I was hearing. As I listened in with the others he continued on to describe the feeling he felt. He told us it was nearly overwhelming. He decided too that since an Immortal could strike him down at any moment they chose, he would attempt to call out to them as well, Albeit however, a bit more respectful than he had previously done.

Klines turned to Silverwulf and exclaimed, “So, I did. I yelled out ‘Drogor! Or whichever one of you this is it will stop nothing! Your wrath simply encourages more ill will towards you! Your warnings are appreciated, but do nothing to fulfill my desire to know more about you and your people!'”

He went on to say that this time, to his surprise the whisper returned. this time, much louder. This time much more distinct leaving no doubt as to what was said. He described the voice to all of us as sounding like three voices, all speaking together at once.

He then in reply to this yelled back at them, “I will continue to learn! But I still hold that killing people and allowing destruction does nothing to rally people to Your cause!”

Govahgn then spoke and asked, “So the mom the sister and brother all at once?”

In agreeance to Govahgn I stated, “yes, all three.”

Klines then nodded and continued on. He described a few moments later being overwhelmed by a feeling of warmth and content. It quickly faded back to the concern from before however.

He then described hearing the voice speak again, this time it said, “We are all Three of Us. Learn from this. Learn from Us. Learn *of* Us. The low creatures you are with seek to pull you into their muck with them… learn.”

Klines then called out again stating to the voice, “I will! I will learn! I do not entirely understand…yet! But I will learn as much as I can!”

The voice then continued speaking to him, perhaps a bit louder this time, stating, “All is to learn. With heavy hand a lesson does come when necessary. You have felt this. You who mocked Us when we sent our messages so that the masses might seek knowledge.”

He related he felt this was in direct reference to the lesson they had taught him by striking him down previously. He described feeling he could yell nothing more at them then what he just had. But, He called out to them, saying, “I have felt this! And I learned from it! My initial approach was one of disrespect and irreverance! I desire to learn more of Your nature, but I undertsand now it must be done respectfully! While I know you likely do not require it, you have my sincere apology for being cavalier previously!”

Then he told of how the voice once again returned stating how it was quieter, How it grew quite indistinct. But then he was overwhelemed by a feeling of approval and a desire to learn more.

He then heard the words, “Know Us”, “Forgotten”, “Humble.” He told us of how he felt his part in all this was now over and that he had been tasked with learning more about the Immortals. But more was to come….

Klines again turned to Silverwulf stating, “The following day, Kintryn and I were discussing what had occurred. I related to her the story, I have just related to you. I told her everything, indeed. I had just finished my retelling when something even more brilliant and extraordinary happened.”

I only nodded as he continued on then speaking of his and mine own thoughts on the matter of what he had just shared with me that day.

We started wondering on ideas. Thoughts of Eluned’s sister Peri’el came to mind that she could perhaps be involved in some way. We spoke of how the song had ceased a time back and perhaps it had something to do with this.

Then we began to recount how Klines started getting visions. He, being a moon mage thought perhaps this was a vision like lunar mages tend to have. But he suddenly realized this was something that was entirely different. He began to describe to them all what he told me he seen that day while we were sitting in the clearing. He described the image of a wolf, an owl and a shrew all surround him, dancing. Then, how they all began to speak! they said, “We Three, of your choosing, are the same. We are ALL Three, we are ALL one. All. The images of all thirty-nine aspects float before you. Each aspect intact, and whole.”
Now of course, I could not see any of this as I was sitting there with him that day in the clearing and I was clearly confused by how he was gazing up and his nervous actions.

He went on to tell them more of the tale of that day. how he quickly realized the Immortals were again speaking to him. How he pondered what they were saying. I recalled becoming really puzzled when he started yelling up at them as I sat there with him.

I heard him say as he called out, “I understand that now. I have done nothing but ponder this. I have spoke with several to learn! You are Three and One, simultaneously. And not just You. I understand, all of you. Like Wolf, and Owl, and Shrew the same is Dolphin, and Albatross, and Shark.”

He became calm before me and he described his feelings to me of feeling warmth and content washing over him. Then his arms and legs began to tingle slightly. He told me he took that to mean they were pleased with his new perspective, which at the time i was still so very confused about. But i continued to listen.

He shouted out at them again that day, “I will continue to learn more about You. I wish to understand Your nature. But, I understand that before I can do that, whatever we have done to trouble you must be fixed! Know Us. Forgotten. Humble. Those are the words you used before! What have we forgotten? Is it the Song?”

We pondered this in reference to the Lady Peri’el. He and i discussed this matter between ourselves a little further after he shouted it out to them. It was quiet for what seemed a few moments time but then he appeared startled to me again. I asked him why and he recounted how he had just had a King Snake of pure light appear and coil about his arm, its head resting on the palm of his hand.

He went on to tell me that it looked right at him and said, “And I am safe, with my One. With my Three. Fear not, the song was saved many moons ago. Ask the Bards who sang. Seek them for the story.”

I had to admit, I was a bit put back by what this man before me was seeing and hearing from the gods and I began to question my own devotions. He and I discussed what he just seen ane we both agreed we were quite relieved to have true confirmation that the song was safe and that Peri’el was not lost. Still however, so many questions remained with both of us now.

So he again beseeched them, Yelling to them, hoping they would listen to his words, “Then what? Death and destruction rain down upon Elanthia. Your displeasure is not in question! Many wish to appease you! Many tried by completing tasks that clerics handed out, but yet still death and destruciton continue. What have we forgotten? What can we do?”

Again, he appeared stopped in his tracks to me. He told me that suddenly a raccoon of pure light darted right up to him. How it looked at him and said, “Know me?” and then vanished, only to be replaced by a Coyote of pure light that asked, “And am I so forgotten as the Shark?” Then he heard a multitude of voices, from everywhere! They said, “Know us. Humble.” And then in a sorrowful voice, “Forgotten. Not by all. But by most.”

He and I discussed it.. One, Three.. all… one makes three, three make one, the thirteen together make thirty and nine in all.

So he called out, “I…I think I understand. It isn’t just about One…or Three. It is about All! One…and Thirty Nine. You All feel as though many have forgotten you? Is that it?”

Not soon after he had done so, he then described to me how the warmth and tingling he felt before increased ten fold. Not burning, it did not hurt it was just warm, he felt carefree and content. he told of how his entire body tingled. He said to me he was confident now that he understood, saying he felt warm, and carefree, and content. His arms and legs were tingling and pulsing.

He told me he was confident that he understood.

He yelled out, “I understand! I will tell every one I can! I will remind every one that remebering One of you is not enough. All must be remembered. Not One, not Three, but thirty nine! I will place my own desire to understand You better aside for the time being, until more remember all of You.”

He then talked of how all of them dissapeared and how a wolf of pure light appeared to him. It sat at his feet looking up at him directly. It then stated to him, “We are all one. We are all three. My brothers and sisters are not all so fortunate as I. Some halves of themselves lay forgotten in favor of others, some forgotten completely and wholly. The shark tires of his lot. And we all see it. We all know. It is not true destruction, it is anger. It is sadness.”

As he was sharing all this with me , my mind shifted in thought. I started to understand just as he did, the Immortals were all working as one. This was not just Drogor. This was anger and sadness set forth by ALL the Immortals.

Klines then told us of how he yelled out, “I understand! I will make sure every one else knows! If I may make a humble request? Time! Allow me time to tell people! I cannot guarantee they will listen to me, as I am but an Elothean, but I will try! Thank you for showing me! Thank you for helping me to understand!”

The wolf then vanished from before him and he heard a barely audible voice in return state, “Time is no matter. Wrath is a fire that must eventually ember. Know. Share. Always…”

Then another voice, the wolf’s voice, stated, “Never stop. Wrath may end, but this goal should not.”

Only this time…I myself heard the Immortals words. I knew then they could feel my understanding of what was happening. I shared this with Klines how I too began to hear the Immortals words and we pondered them.

Another day passed, I had been sitting popping boxes and Klines had been out hunting among the wilds. I had to go visit the empaths due to a mishap with a box and in so doing overheard Zhirrisk speaking of Drogor but paid it no mind really as I knew him to be a devoted follower of Drogor. His mind was still convinced this had to do with one Immortal alone.

I made my way back to the clearing where I had hoped to ponder on the things of the previous day. What I experienced and I met back up with Klines.
We spoke to those in Langenfirth more about how this new evening was progressing. I explained when I arrived at the grove I beseeched the gods.. Not just to see what would happen but because people started dying in crossing. The empath guild began being overrun by Sharks and all matter of destruction.

So i called out, “Eluned, Lemicus, Drogor, as one we beseech your guidance. What must we do to quell this wrath?”

I was tired of seeing people die .. suddenly I again saw a marine-hued bolt of lightning slam into the ground near my feet. They were listening much to my surprise.

Klines then himself beseeched of them, calling out, Klines yells, “I call to the Immortals! All of You! The One, the Three, the Thirty Nine! You have granted me knowledge on what it is you want. This night we had planned to begin spreading the message you gave to me! This death, this destruction, has thrown that plan into chaos! I ask for respite, so that we may attempt to announce your message! Please, stay your hand and call this off! We will use the time wisely!”

Though this was not the answer I expected to my beseeching them. I then described how I was then overwhelmed by the sudden knowledge that the hubris of many will not be ignored any longer. A reckoning had come.

I described how not just myself but Klines too experienced this feeling. and how we felt an overwhelming compellment to go to Drogor’s altar in the Crossing High Temple and give of ourselves in prayer!

Klines again called out, “Again, I call to the Immortals! All of You! The One, the Three, the Thirty Nine! You know, I know what it is you desire! Again I tell you, this night we had planned to begin delivering the message you gave to me! This death, this destruction, has thrown that plan into chaos! I ask for respite once more! Please, reconsider this Reckoning!”

We discovered in travelling there that everyone was feeling this compellment but that not all but most were ignoring its heed.

I went on to describe how upon arriving at the altar there too was Krononzeck, and Zhirrisk both followers of Drogor beseeching people to pray only to Drogor to make him stop. We both exclaimed to Krononzeck that this was not about Drogor but about the Thirty and Nine.

Aerella a young empath fought back stating, “NO, its not!”

Krononzech then explained to his that Drogor’s wrath was currently what was sweeping over the lands and that he was Drogor’s Cleric. He told us both that Eluned and Lemicus speak to him as well. That they told him that they wished to stop this destruction.

I tried to explain to that it was but the three in one that were controllring the wrath not the one in three.

Klines then told him that Drogor was just the shape of things to come. That Drogor was but the the first to reveal his anger and his sadness to us. He then reiterated my statement that it wasnt just about him but about all Thirty and Nine.

Krononzeck then stated that yes, All gods must be honored. That all gods too much all be respected.

I told Krononzeck that we needed to be honoring all of the Immortals not just one on this night.

Krononzeck then stated Lemicus and Eluned were raged with fury because we refused to honor Drogor and that this would spread.

But Klines and I both knew what the Immortals were truly asking. We began to tell them that they, everyone were refusing to hear what the Immortals themselves had shared with us. We tried explaining to everyone flooding to the Temple that they were not seeing any of this correctly. the Immortals were calling everyone to the temple to see if they had learned.

Klines then said to Krononzeck, “The people need to understand, this is not about stopping the wrath of Drogor, or Lemicus or Eluned or any One of them or the Three together. It was instead about all of them.”

Krononzeck and Zhirrisk continued on blaming only Drogor for his wrath over and over.

Suddenly all who were there at the Temple heard A booming triple voice echo out throughout the shrine, screaming in fury, “We have waited! We have waited! My Wrath is the Wrath of All!”

I then began to explain to those at the temple that it was Drogor letting them all know that he was not speaking for himself but for all Thirty and Nine.

At this point, Klines then started to recount again this tale to all at the temple and what led us there. About the things He had seen and about what I too started to see. As he did so he turned to me and asked for my full support in delivering this message of the Immortals to the people.

I agreed.

The conversations went on and Krononzech then stated that the altar was an inappropriate place to be holding this vigil.

Suddenly as before, once again, A booming triple voice echoed throughout the shrine, screaming in fury, “Inappropriate!?! YOU forget My words?”

I called out myself to the Immortals just then. I said, “We do remember all of you, The three all make one. The Thirteen make Thirty and Nine. we remember you all. We cannot forget.”

I was hoping the others would would listen to the message. The real reason we had failed. I sought for the Immortals forgiveness for all of them just then. For everyone.

People began speaking amongst themselves now, questioning and pondering. Perhaps thinking of what they were seeing. On the gweths you heard people mocking those of us in the temple for not slaying the sharks as they were on the streets. They were telling us all in our minds that we were foolish to come to this Temple this night and pray as we were all compelled to do. We then in our minds reminded them on the streets they needed to humble themselves. To join us and they would too see. The voices in our heads over our gweths mocked us being Humbled…

This time a very loud booming triple voice echoed throughout the shrine, screaming in fury, “Huuuuumble? Humble! The ones who slew My Chosen were humble? The ones seeking to slay Us were humble? The payment is blood!”

I began to tremble in fear. The people on the streets would not listen. Klines and myself grew more concerned as to what we could do to help them understand what we had been privileged to be shown. People in the streets were calling for clerics to come raise the dead and Klines then stated that raising the dead was irrelevant at this point. It could no longer be about treating the symptom. We had to treat the cause! All of the Immortals must be remembered!

I then called out to the Immortals again stating, “We do remember all of you, The three all make one. The 13 make 39. we remember you all. We cannot forget.”

Zhirrisk then said, “Forgetting is only one sin, raising ourselves above them is the other… I then knelt and stated myself, ‘Please, we seek your forgiveness we are humbled in our sin.'”

The attacks in town were not stopping and the people were confused what to believe as the discussions continued.

Klines yelled out to the Immortals, “The payment you extract is not only from those that sought to slay you or that slew your chosen! There can be no argument that many of you have been forgotten! But the bringing of death and destruction upon those who do not yet understand does not help!”

I then turned to Klines and told him the people were ignorant because they refused to believe. They now were seeing and hearing it and still turned away from believing.

I then called out myself to the Immortals beseeching them for guidance, “What must we do more than pray and show that we are humbling ourselves? we will spread the word as you have tasked us with. I cannot deny what you have shown me. I will let all I come across know. But must the death continue?”

Klines too continued to beseech them, “You have told me what must be done! I am trying to do that! Even if every single soul felt the the anger and sorrow, it likely would not equal the anger and sorrow that you all feel. We understand that! There are many who want to remind people that you must not be forgotten! But many of those that wish to spread your message are the same that your wrath strikes down! How do we spread your will?”

Much discussion continued around us in the temple as we communed with the immortals. we continued to ask what we both must do to demonstrate that their lesson was indeed effective.

Klines then turned to me pulling his Journal from his backpack that he had recorded all of his accounts in. He handed me the journal and with a tear in my eye, I knew what he was going to do. I said nothing but in my heart knew I had agreed to stand with him at all cost in this endeavor so I placed the journal in my backpack and closed it.

Klines then yelled out, “I offer myself to you! All Thirty Nine, so that this death and destruction may end! I offer my soul, my connection to the plane, my connection to lunar magic! I offer all so that this may end! If this is what is necessary, I offer myself to be the completion of your lesson!”

I then in turn called out, “my offer is the same, ALL that I am to all of you as the Thirty and Nine in pur humility. I have learned my lesson. I give of myself as a lesson that all others may see.”

Everyone there began to pray. Fervently even.

Suddenly the crack of wet thunder sounded. Accompanied by the stagnant and pungent smell of brine. Within the blind of an eye, a blast of marine-blue forked lightning appeared from above. I felt my prayres met with a sense of peace and security. The smell of the brine grew stronger and was now accompanied by the all to familiar stench of burnt flesh as the marine-hued lightning sought its target. As quickly as it appeared, the entity dissipated now that its divine work was complete and Klines was struck before our eyes.

Without a moment to even think on what just happened, not even time to blink, I uttered a prayer. I was filled with a deep feeling of purpose as my spirit was lifted then a tremor rocked the ground, shaking a sun-bleached driftwood altar decorated with strands of albatross feathers.

Again I could smell the brine and the stench of charred flesh and I suddenly realized two things. The smell was coming from my own flesh and my sacrifice had been accepted! felt a chill take the seat of my soul as my remaining spiritual strength bled away from me steadily. I had been struck down!

I was however feeling a feeling of comfort in my death that i had curried the favor of my god which would greatly improve the course of my resurrection or reincarnation. The lightning then struck others around us as many watched in disbelief perhaps coming to their senses. People began thanking the Immortals for their favor.

Aerella the young empath said, “thank you Klines and Kintryn, you have given your life, may they know of your sincerity.”

The clerics began to question raising us, if it would anger the gods.

The dark robed clerics we had seen around town were there and lightning began to slam into several of them, prayers and offerings of themselves to all of the Immortals upon their lips as they were too struck down.

Klines, myself and the others then began to experience a mist forming above our bodies, glittering with speckles of light. As it settled and surrounded our bodies everything became a mass of white, there was a sudden sense of comfort. The mist softened and dissipated only to leave us realizing that we were not only again alive but fully healed.

What had just happened was again questioned as others prayed that we were right in what we did with our sacrifice that it had appeased the gods.

I reminded everyone that this day should be forever remembered as we remember all of the Thirty and Nine and their blessing upon us.

Klines beseeched all of them, “thank you!, All Thirty Nine of you! We will spread your message! that all of you must be remembered and none forgotten.”

A reverent murmur passed through the crowd that had gathered of peasants and clerics. We were able to make out numerous declarations for devotion amongst it all!.

I called out in my mind to the disbelievers in town, they were rushing to the docks. a Kraken had been spotted headed straight for crossing at strong speed.

Suddenly you could hear A triple voice echo once again in the area. now much softer than before. It said, “You, the faithful, You spared them. The beast will now return to the ocean,”

Several of the dark robed clerics shouted out in recognition of ‘the beast’ and fell back to their knees in thankful prayer.

You could feel the hearts around us changing.. starting to understand but Zhirrisk called out, “Send it! Drogor, Eluned.. send it! The ones who are not here will never come, they will never believe, without it!”

Klines told Zhirrisk that his words must not ever be brought to truth.

Everyone began to feel a warm, aquamarine hue as it suffused the area, filling us with the feelings of a mother’s regret and love.

I turned to Zhirrisk and I told him I would see to it that all remember.

The empath Aerella stated it wasnt true. That they would all know that one day a bard would write the truth of it and sing it to the ages.

The soft beating of wings and the sounds of crashing waves began to permeate the shrine, you could feel that a great terror had been avoided.

Zhirrisk then recounted how the thoughts of the people on the street were still searching the docks for this Kraken. how they hadn’t learned of their lesson yet. that they don’t see!.
A warm, motherly voice filled my mind, saying, “they will know, children. You shall see to it.” The voice then morphed into a harsh, rasp and wailed within the power of a ranging storm, “And if not, the lesson continues!” with that warning i trembled in fear knowing my task.

Klines had felt it too and he called out for everyone to hear, “We understand! They must learn, or the lesson continues. I am confident the lesson continuing will not be necessary! They WILL learn!”

All I could hear was the mixture of non belief and a random believer taking heed.

I cried out in fear, “Many are still choosing not to listen. Why can they not understand something so simple as to remember all of you as those that watch and protect us every day? what more can I say that they might understand?”

A warm, motherly voice filled my mind, saying, “We do child. You must, however, listen. We are in the air, the wind, the water the earth. We are in the fire, the sky, the dance, the joy, the pain. We are ALWAYS speaking.”

I knew then what I must do and my thoughts began projecting this very message as Kline and myself started our journey.

That all may remember…