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Posted by on 2014 Jun 11 |

Starry Road for Archaeologist Terald

Starry Road for Archaeologist Terald

(37 Skullcleaver 412: The Crossing, Zoluren)

The comet streaked over my head. I was unable to tear my eyes from it for a breathless, silent moment or two.

* Terald was just struck down!
* A meteor streaks across the sky as Terald’s soul departs forever to walk the Starry Road.

Comets are such surprising things, even when they were more common, they were still the most dreadful sight in all of Elanthia. There’s an entire generation of adventurers growing up that has never experienced one until the Keep was blown to smithereens a few years ago. But imagine what a shock a comet must be to the Elven Peoples.

So, Terald. Terald Sanfala. He was an elf, too.

The news is sketchy, and there is an official murder investigation going on. I am confident that when the local authorities have puzzled it out amongst themselves, they’ll inform us of the perpetrator and what they found.

All that is known for sure is that Terald had been working on a new dig or two. At one of them, he unearthed a supposedly cursed statue of Belirendrick Sorvendig the First, who ruled from 198AV to 202. This statue was donated to the Raven Court art wing. There were other things that he gave to some of the premiere auctioneers in the lands, presumably for auction at the upcoming Guild Fest.

He fell in a hallway at the Rest of Ages Inn in Leth Deriel. A goblet lay on the floor as his body was forced to decay and take the Starry Path. Clearly by some fell, insidious means.

It may be of interest to note here that Lady Maghana, Seneschal to Zoluren, asked at least one person to be on the watch out for his safety during Terald’s appearance at the Raven Court days before his untimely death.

Terald was quite the character, and it was at an auction of his goods at the First Festival in Therenborough’s Faire Grounds that Sura surfaced just before the awful war. Some relics that belonged to Terald were stolen. It really was the beginning of the War with Lord Sorrow (Sura).

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Terald also sold shares in a venture that made people some good money, back in the day. Of course, they waited longer than they expected for that to pay off. But we’ll leave that story to someone who was there to tell it.