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The New Year Approaches – Are You Ready For The Hag?

The New Year Approaches – Are You Ready For The Hag?

(The Five Provinces, 36 Nissa 409)

Cold the North Winds blow as the Chill Mistress of divine retribution wends her way over Elanthia on the first night of the year, smiting regions that have attracted her wrath. You might think these are tales made up to scare children, but I assure you they are not. If you have ever been caught in Asketi’s Ride – you know the mass death that comes in her wake.

Once a year, on the darkest night of the year, Asketi, the dark aspect of Hodierna, visits her displeasure upon a community that has not shown her enough devotion during the year. Nobody is quite sure how you manage to make sure your homeland has paid enough honor to Asketi during the year. But if singled out as the example, your town could be ravaged until the sun rises by all manner of her minions. All of them with one thing on their mind – your death. Over and over.

In the past, Asketi would steal the souls away in numerous comets during these rampages. It was said she stood in place of the Starry Host and if you could not muster a favor … your comet was hers, and with it your entire life and soul.

Bloody, multiple deaths mark her passing. The last one was during last Hallow’s Eve Festival (406-407), all over the 5 Provinces. One year, not only did her minions rain death upon people in the streets, but she took unbridled vengeance upon the Xala’Shaar which had been invading Zoluren lands.

The first night of the year belongs to Asketi – pray it passes by you and yours without incident. You have 4 days to get ready.

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