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Posted by on 2013 May 18 |

Voracious Storms Rip Through the Provinces

Voracious Storms Rip Through the Provinces

(0 Akroeg 409)

As the entire Zoluren Council met, ravaging blizzards tore through the southern lands of all five provinces and non-stop sand storms rages across the Velakan Sands.

Nobody knows what has happened, the weather has just gone crazy. From months of utter stillness to eternal punishing storms, it is like the weather has become an enemy that gives no quarter.

When asked about it, neither guild leader in the Mages’ Towers had a comment. OK, they actually said things, but I am certainly not going to repeat it here.

I am pulling my cloak tighter, and heading indoors until it is over. I am only going to venture out when I must.