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Posted by on 2013 May 17 |

A Party for Zoluren!  Presenting: Zoluren Strong!

A Party for Zoluren! Presenting: Zoluren Strong!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 33 Nissa 408)

Yesterday evening, during the Vela’tohr’s regular public meeting, it was my pleasure to announce a party celebrating our home, Zoluren.

Without further adieu, it is my great pleasure to announce, Zoluren Strong!

The Vela’Tohr, with assistance from the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, would like to welcome you to a day of fun-filled activities in the Province of Zoluren. To facilitate this, representatives from the Vela’Tohr will be hosting a trio of games accompanied by three unique prizes to be awarded to the winners. Musical entertainment, as well as food and drinks, will be provided by members of the Tavern Troupe.

These two organizations have joined together in hopes that you will gather with us and celebrate the glory of the first land. Have some fun, some drinks, play some games, and help us re-kindle bonds of comradeship among friends!

The actual date is yet to be determined, but the festivities will include:

Tunnel Rat Challenge!

The escape tunnels under Crossing have long been a relatively unknown but key tool for moving around safely when the city is under attack.  Learn the routes and win a prize!


A representative from the Vela’tohr will be waiting at the entrance to each tunnel and another will await at the exits. Get a chit from each, and bring them in a sack back to Elriic on the Town green. First person to bring a sack with a chit from each entrance and exit, wins! (Note, all tunnels aside from the prissy Paladin’s guild)


Trivia Challenge!

Knowledge is power. Study up on past victories by Zoluren and notable events in her history.  A series of questions will be asked, and the person with the most points at the end wins.


A representative from the Vela’tohr will ask questions and the first person to ‘whisper’ the correct answer to him or her will earn a point. At the end of a series of questions (number to be determined), the person with the most points wins a prize!


Battle Royale!

Everyone enters the cemetery. One person walks out alive. The winner receives a special lumium shield as a sign that they survived all who took the challenge! Empaths don’t worry! We know you can’t kill anyone but you certainly can learn lots of empathy!


No area effect spells or you are disqualified.  There will be designated draggers to remove the dead meat from the battle ground. Once you are dead you may not re-enter.


The Tavern Troupe will also be providing food, music, and other entertainment and there will be a free gift for all who attend! Watch the Calendar of Events for the official booking date and time!