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Posted by on 2014 Aug 25 |

The Elpalzi Threat Engage At Sorrow’s Reach

The Elpalzi Threat Engage At Sorrow’s Reach

(16 Moliko 413: The Crossing, Zoluren)

Early in the wee hours, a lone Elpalzi killed someone at the Crossing’s Northeast gate. While the victim seemed sort of out of it, the alert went out nonetheless.

As scouts traveled up the Northern Trade Route, they spied more lower echelon Elpalzi roaming in singles and small groups along the Northern Trade Route. As reports from north of Kaerna came back, it seems there were Elpalzi along the entire route up to the turn off to Dirge.

Adventurers quickly brought the vermin on the public road to swift sword-justice as scouts went deeper into the territory near Sorrow’s Reach itself, where we are sure the Elpalzi are holding out behind major magic barriers. Near the old, ruined entrance to the ruin of Sorrow’s Keep, they found more Elpalzi, some of the more seasoned forces here.

Crossing Defenders ran to take the battle there before the Elpalzi could threaten the town. In less than an anlas it was all over. Only 5 or 6 people were struck down during the battle.

Are the Elpalzi testing us? Were they doing something else and we happened to catch them? Whatever the answer, we are more alerted now, and a number of people are seeking the answers. I cannot tell you how nice it was not to have the battle in town, though.

Update: A number of anlaen later that day, Elpalzi partisans were found all through the Rock Troll area, but nowhere else. They were quickly dispatched. Hmmmm.