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Cassi, wife of Redtail, was a gentle soul, a kind spirit who transcended from one great realm to another. A trailblazer, revered in her day and mourned every moment since her passing, Cassi’s warm heart reached out and touched all those who were honored to come across her.

Her story, in her own words:

My mother was a cleric and loved her profession greatly. When she was very young, she married another cleric and together they had two children. I am the eldest and named for my mother, Cassi. My younger sister, Jolinda, is named for my mother’s sister who was an empath, but died at a young age. The marriage didn’t work out and Mother took the two of us and moved out into the country so we would not have to grow in a busy city.

We had a wonderful childhood, climbing the mountains and swimming in lakes and ponds. Our mother’s devotion to us was great and she protected us from the rest of the world beyond.

However, the day finally came when Mother told us that we needed to go to the City and seek a profession, that she could not hold us with her any longer. She had held me longer than necessary at home because she didn’t want me to leave alone; so she kept me with her until Jolinda was of age to travel with me. Tearfully, Jolinda and I left Mother for the Crossing and she left our wonderful home to return to the city she had grown in and take up her Clerical profession again.

Though Jolinda and I knew that she hoped one of us would become a cleric as she had; I chose the ways of the warrior mage and Jolinda chose to be an empath as her aunt she had never known had been.

Not long after arriving in the Crossing and joining the warrior mage guild, I met a wonderful man named Redtail Hawk. He and I dated for a few months, then became engaged and were married shortly thereafter. We had a beautiful wedding in which Amber was my made of honor and Elriic was Redtail’s best man. We didn’t know a bard to sing for the wedding; but, I knew a friend of mine, Saydie, had been trained in the ways of the Bard by her grandmother. I asked her to sing for our wedding and she gave a wonderful performance. Redtail and I have been married for many years now and have two wonderful children. Reshandra, our daughter, finally made her grandmother happy by becoming a cleric and Njay, our son, became a moon mage.

A memorial was held for Cassi after her passing, and you can still read people’s last remembrances at this scroll.

Share with everyone what you remember of Cassi, below in the comments.

1 Comment

  1. Cassi and her sister, Jolinda, were so much fun. To me, she was the first loss in my Elanthian family. If Cassi promised you something, she would die fulfilling her promise.

    And then everyone’s thoughts would pop up, “What happened to Cassi?”

    “Is someone with Cassi?”

    She and Redtail were truly a couple that inspired romance, respect, honor, and integrity. Wow, just remembering her now brings tears to my eyes.

    Cassi – you will always be remembered as long as I can sing, you have a spot it my song, “Walk With Me” and in my heart.