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Posted by on 2013 Oct 1 |

Lady Lindryl Jinsaith

Lady Lindryl Jinsaith

(17 Shorka 410, The Crossing, Zoluren) – Lost in the terrible disaster at Ulf’Hara Keep

* A meteor streaks across the sky as Lindryl’s soul departs forever to walk the Starry Road.

Lady Lindryl Jinsaith, beloved Noble of Zoluren, was the gorgeous half-sister to Prince Belirendrick III, and although an illegitimate family member, “Bel” loved her like a sister. After being brought up together, the Prince legitimized her as family. Prince Vorclaf reaffirmed that legitimacy. Her mother was Elven, and although she took after her, she clearly had that fiery spark of the Sorvendig blood in her. She was a patron of the arts for as many years as I knew her. Her loyal service to the crown over decades, with both Prince Belinredrick and his son, Prince Vorclaf, has put her in many positions and much danger. She has fulfilled diplomatic missions, investigative ones, she served as the Royal Steward and heir to the throne of Zoluren during the reign of Prince Vorclaf. Lindryl was full of life. Her skills were as deadly at a council table as they were with a dagger, yet she always seemed vulnerable. I think she could charm her way out of almost anything, though. Except for the lingering illness that she has suffered from for decades since defeating the necromantic poison that nearly killed her during the time of the Outcast War. Lindryl leaves a legacy in her wake of courage, love, diplomacy, and arts.

Lindryl, I owe you so much, you inspired me and helped me through many a time. I will miss you so much.

My deepest, heart-felt condolences extend to the entire family during this time of shock and grief. The Lady Lindryl is survived by their two children, Keresyk and Emmilyn; and her cousins, the Prince Belinrendrick IV and Princess Inavia of Zoluren.

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