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Posted by on 2013 Jul 28 |



“It’s time, man. Time for me to go on my final adventure,” said the sly-eyed trickster as he hands over a lockpick case.

Tears formed in the violet eyes of the Prydaen as he asked, one final time, “Are ya sure Mackes? Is dis what ya really, truly want…have ya truly thought this out?”

“Aye, it’s long past time. All that’s left here is pain, loss, and suffering. Nothing is here anymore. All my family, all my friends, save you, are gone. It’s time to join ’em.’ll do me right, yeah? Clean, quick, in honor of the guild we’ve spent our lives in…”

With a final nod, almost blinded by tears, the Prydaen did the deed. As was right, he took the target completely by surprise, his sabre bursting through the smiling man’s chest in a spray of crimson. A final wave, a last goodbye, and Mackes’ spirit walked the Starry Road. As if the gods themselves were watching, the guards turned away, pretending not to see the murder that just occurred – Mackes’ final prank. A fitting end for a man who spent his life in service to pranks, tricks, thievery, and locksmithing.

In reverence to the memory of Mackes, I accepted the post of Union Representative. Even now, as I commit this most important memory to page, tears threaten to overtake me, to unman me. Mackes, old boy, you’ll always be missed and remembered. Your case will forever remain in my vault, holding a place of honor. Every slip, every bad joke…all are in homage to you. You’ve been sorely missed.