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Posted by on 2013 Jun 17 | 2 comments

Martee Del’Amar, Beloved Empath

Martee Del’Amar, Beloved Empath

Martee “Sticky Fingers” Del’Amar, Life Tender, and Halfling Empath left this mortal existence quietly. Although I exepect she arrived at her final destination with a big smile on her face and a trademarked, “Bah!” Then she will hug Dangelo and give him some good-natured ribbing.

Now you might think her fingers were sticky because she could find her way right through your pockets, and she could – but really, her fingers were sticky because she loved her tarts. Martee wore her heart on her sleeve, and it was a really big heart. Everyone who crossed her path would have felt it.

There will be many people whose life she has touched, and I hope you will share those memories with everyone below. Martee was with the realms since the days of the Trailblazers.

Look for a box on Town Green South East, right beside Martee’s tree, where you can leave something to her memory.

My sadness is too overwhelming for me to write more than the bad news and an introduction for everyone else to finish. Watch here for news of a memorial service.

You see Sticky Fingers Martee Del’Amar, Life Tender, a Halfling Empath.
Martee has a heart-shaped face, slightly pointed ears, sparkling violet eyes, a freckled nose and dimples.  Her white-streaked deep purple hair is long and fine, and is worn pulled up in a topknot.  She has translucent skin and a curvaceous figure.
She is tiny for a Halfling.
She appears to be elderly.
She has a tattoo of a pure white unicorn kneeling in a bed of clover on her ankle.

[We’ll make sure your comments are sent on to her family.]


  1. I want to say something poetic. Something meaningful here. I really do. Maybe at some point I’ll have something. Right now all I can think of how selfishly lost I feel knowing Martee is gone.

  2. I want to share a funny observation about Martee.

    Back during the Outcast War, Martee started with the Zoluren Dragoons when Xixist was originally the Commander and I was his Lieutenant. Xixist formed a second company with the duty of guarding Ulf’Hara Keep called the Ulf’Hara’s Fist and Martee, rather than being forced to choose simply wore both insignias and called Xixist Commander and me Chief. Something she kept doing right up until her death.

    A measure of someone who’s loyalty to her friends transcended all.

    I will miss her.