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Posted by on 2013 May 21 |

Therae Velo

Therae Velo

Therae: the original grumpy dwarven trader, though, between you and me, I only ever knew a man of surpassing kindness and generosity.

His devotion to the Traders, and to passing down the wisdom of that first generation stood as a testament that behind the gruff exterior and short stature was a man of incredible heart, despite vehement protests otherwise.

Back when the world was a much smaller place, he showed me the length and breadth of the land from the relaxing perch of a caravan. I’ve many a fond memory of days spent trading, filled with laughter and fun, and, of course, the merry jingling of his beloved coins.

Oft threatened in jest, he was possessed of a fearsome side rarely glimpsed. His anger was slow to rouse, but once awoken in the defense of injustices to those he cared for, his fury ran as deep as the earth itself.

We miss you, Therae, and we will never forget.

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