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Posted by on 2013 May 25 |

Second Scroll of the Remembered

Second Scroll of the Remembered

These names were left on the second Scroll of the Remembered. These date from 1999 to 2007. Many names were lost during that time when the Scroll was stolen. This scroll is listed from the oldest to the newest entries.

To friends, fallen or journeying — in the Mother Lady’s words, who are Gone, but not Forgotten.

The light will always be on here in the Tavern for you when you come home.Come home soon. ~Dreamheart

Mir – Friend, Mage, Hero. You are missed.

Violet – What a rolemodel and hero you were to me, Violet. I still remember some of the early lessons you taught.

Gabriel – – A Paladin’s Knight. Miss you, guy.

Mekhi – ya was a good friend, im gonna miss ya

Windymane, Misty, Toku, Valgar, Hope, Artemi & the rest of the moon mages – All of you are missed. You will always be remembered. May the light of the moons someday guide you back home.

Cassi – A brilliant warrior mage lost to us in her prime. She will always be missed, and never forgotten.

Stammell and Falkeiri – Two brothers, good friends. A cleric who died too often and a ranger who faded to the forest at last

Blackknight – Long gone but never forgotten.

Jakuli – You created a safe place for a lost soul…always in my thoughts.

Lothar – To a time long past, but not forgotten; where heroes dwell and made the Realms what they are today.

Kaleena and Bosco – Beloved sister, best friend, both missed.

Athalen and Quelyntr – My first true friends in the realms, stalwart companions, able to enjoy a good chuckle. I miss them

Elvaka and Waldrin – Two Councillors of the Moon Mage Guild, brutally murdered in the year 374. Sleepers, caught in unnatural coma, after the assassination incident over a decade ago. I remember. -KV

Monuman, Thicate and Farluk – Two rangers and a moonie who thought he was. Monu and Thicate, I miss your jokes and your reckless hunting style. You were an inspiration to me. Farluk, I just plain miss your easy way with things. You are gone, but not forgotten. Rest your souls easy in the cool green of the forests you loved.

Snare – For everything you are and were. I miss you more than you know.

Rapidonia – An old empath who took many by surprise when her comet crossed the skies.

Sunnie – Sunnie, you have been a role model for years, we are all the poorer for your departure. I will keep a light on, though, so you can find your way back. ~Dreamheart

Larinath – gone missing. Again.

Starlighte Sylvansong – There was *never* a dull moment around you, Starlighte. Go gently with a sweet melody.

Ferdahl Kukalakai Alec’i’neir – She who loved peace, murdered without hope of favor by a fell sorcerous blade; for the deeds of her grandfather, this 32nd day of the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram, in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 376.

Jrendel – Silly Ranger! Why didn’t you keep favors? You and I had our quarrels, but I’ll try to keep a warm spot by the fire for you in case you decide to try again.

Allurana – Died this morning as the world stil dreamed. Rest well, Tammie. We will go out romping and sharing drinks again.

Vaschon – You touched my soul.~235 Arhat 377

Merdell – You have been a friend and hunting partner I could trust and count on for years. I will miss you now that it is official. Come back home after your journeys!

Dredded DeCaen – We miss you and remember you, you silly bardling.

Chieftain Dangelo Reevers – Dangertog you were my first hero. Go now with God where you will find peace and whole-ness.

Vaschon – If they ever tell my story, let them say I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Vaschon.

Jeremael – Fell asleep in his home. May his family know peace.

Kyenchiro – I’ve lost you. Abusing the one who taught me so much, is something I could never forgive myself for. Find peace, wherever your journey may take you.

Deasonnas – Another friend, long lost to the sands of time. This mage will not forget you.

Violetmyst – death by betrayal how sad, she deserved better

Liz – Your personality and caring will be missed. Be at peace.

Ailyssa / Liz – Farewell, Liz – until we meet again. I never met her, I have no clue what she looked like.Yet, her soul touched mine, through words on a screen. Sometimes it is so easy to misinterpret such words; sometimes it is so hard to read the emotions or the thought behind the words – but sometimes it is easy to see the kindness of the person behind them.I wish I had known her better, I wish I had known

Zailen – Beloved husband and friend. We know not of your fate, but know in our hearts you are gone forever… We will carry on your memory in the way you would have wanted us to.

Redtail Hawk – Palalin, Friend of the 152 TRAIL Blasers Most all All Husband of Cassi ! They were always together helping the young ones right the start of the realm

Velia – A thief, a friend, a loss. Let her memory echo in my mind.

Rykard, Falcraa, and Arathelle – By blood I had no one, but they were family. For Rykard, who taught me Honor. For Falcraa, who showed me heart. And for Arathelle, who lead me to see Strength and Courage beyond how most do.

Gui – -from one of the many you touched, you’ll be missed- Ros and Cel

Kittrinna – what you taught us and what you lived by, you will be missed my friend….Gyrfalcon

Flaxin – warrior mage…friend and will be remembered and toasted always as well as cheered on whatever you do..

Artor – To the only prydaen ranger I ever knew. I lost you in the worst way possible, you will forever be missed.

Hegemonic – Brother Dwarf, Paladin, and guiding force of the Stone Clan Dwarves. May yer Questing find the thing you seek, however long it takes ye.

Montblanc – Monty – we met when we were born in the realms, both rangers to be trying to find a place in the lands. Now you are gone and I miss your silliness and your brothers. I hope you find peace where you are now. We never met personally, but you will not be forgotten by this elf.

Vaschon – I can not say what few now yet remember. To many it healing to forget the splendor.

Rayth Blackmoore – Days move fast and your legends have long past, but some still remember that place. The place you stood still and for a moment rang clear the call to honor and grace.

Zanzi – A brother starves for what a mother can’t offer and a sister fills to the briming his coffers.

Athiana Basarona – What wind wings wild wonder woefully withheld. We, well weathered, wither with want.

Fellishan – Sweet verses sing with lily white sighing

Seihjin Verackai – Furu ike ya kawazu tobikomu mizu no oto – Basho

Vad – Log wielding, Barbarian clan, Heart oath taken

Trantris Esselyon – May cherubs riding ornothopters guid you to motor cars and provide undergarments to wich you never touch cloth.

Damaria Kalanin – Loves longing legacy a force to remember. Glad galivanting gails a moment to forget.

Somyr Sheehan – Dude.

The Court – How can you be dead, when you are in my heart and my mind?

Bowon, Alisiana, Avicia, Omontanari, Ascatsillo – Great friends. Come back!

Meven Elyfteria – Olvi Bardess loved by all who knew her. There never was a heart more true.

Bakan – A warrior of another land – not afraid of laughter, died fighting another foe. Rest well, my friend.

Kameo – Died in a terrible accident. Well loved and remembered by many