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Posted by on 2013 May 25 |

The First Scroll of Remembrance

The First Scroll of Remembrance

This is the original Scroll of Remembrance, last used in November of 1999. The order of this scroll is from the most recent to the earliest.

The light will always be on here in the Tavern for you when you come home.Come home soon. ~Dreamheart

A very large scroll, filled completely to capacity sits in a place of honor. Upon closer examination, the scroll reads:

“To friends, fallen or journeying — in the Mother Lady’s words, who are Gone, but not Forgotten.

A list of names in various handwriting follows, each one added carefully. Maybe you want to add some stories about these folks to the Memory Pages.

You’ll find the current Scroll of Remembrance out in the main room as you come in the door.

Cassi (Your smile will always reside inside us all)

Jolinda, always remembered

Jolinda Woothering

Cassi Wuthering

Kenn (A dear friend)


Mithrandirr the warriormage.And his friends Enky and Selbor 🙂

Razic Finmire

Mellamo Plainwalker – Uncle, who’s going to talk good sense into me now?

Moirea– Silly empath who finally overhealed her heart

Ajaccia Akinasa– the sad moonmage who departed when her fiance left her

Lineyta-I’ll always remember the good times with you, your friend always Pendus


Zyle Calicko

Lineyta Aruella – May Urrem’tier hold you safe, I’ll miss you darlin.

Samilia Go knowing you left those who knew you forever blessed

Arawrath, A young Halfling killed in a Orc invasion fighting for the right.

Jaynella – Though the months go by, you’re still in my heart.

Stauf, Cressida, the character that Harbrace once was, the glory days of DR

Samilia – were always waiting love

Grake Ismarin– Its sad to see you go, best wishes, Quicknickel

Wildkarrd – Take care you old barve.

Morwynne G’Ailaine ~ Loving empath who gave her life to save anothers.

Smahsh, long-lost godfather of the Togs.

Solmeron Glimaro – The years pass but the memory lingers. Tread softly, ranger.

Galhamead– You didn’t have to Walk, Big Guy

Magelwyck Oakbarrel

Drosjex -Selfless and loyal as any; I miss wanderin’ the realms with ya


Camma – Ye kept me in line, my friend.

Chastica Andews– We hope you make it through and come back to us

Thalog – Beloved, wherever ye be in the other realms-ye will ne’er be forgotten

Snowfighter, a Paladin who acts like one, thank you for the help

Thorns– you denied it, but I knew you were going when I saw you giving coin away

Wolfbreath… The first person to show me kindness and true friendship. ~Bellue

Digmo McDog – I (Jonapth) returned to see ye gone. Your kindness will be missed

Thorns Murganna

Onnyx I’ll always miss you and little Sakara — Ssurreal

Bludgeon, brother of Mallakie now walks with no memory of old friends. -Jese

Celanna: Darlin you came back and then left again. WHERE ARE YOU??

Murmur — where are you?

Lody– A good theif willing to help a young War Mage without robbing him blind.

Mori – the Night’s sweet mistress

Jaynella – You dina need to walk, least of all over mere rumor..Kalag misses ya

Lupaz– I will continue your work, my friend

Jaynella – Though you made mistakes, you were good at heart. I’ll miss you.

Roaches Machoo

Solrac Nabori, Dwarven Barbarian

Vaysh Lycantha, I shall and always will love you. Pendus, your Husband

To all those who have walked the Stary Road in defense of their homes.

Kain Dragonbane-a new snert has your body, but you will be remembered

Tibria– sorry i didn’t get to know you but thanks again

The Imp

Bojac – farewell old friend

Darkrithon-Urrem’tiers self-proclaimed leader of the upcoming Apocalypse


Justice, which died today at Jelantha’s trial. You shall be missed.

Belagorn Pallin – a friend who holds my heart, I’m sorry Bela – Jese

Tracker Tomzac Trex – gone from this place but never from my heart – your wife

Craig Henry

Mowatt Ke’Mahn That sure was a sick way to die. Gratuitous, even.

Ganderdragon MoneySmuggler– Gods kicked you out, but you’re always in my heart

Loria Carlissa – A beautiful and charming woman… I miss you already.

Vasilim, the Honorable and Honored. You are missed, and remembered. Your namesake does you no favor

Auriel N’Demau

Tatiyana….are you EVER coming back??!!?!


Pablin Santinian, you touched my life



Itharr, Cemm, Rhys, Shargr…your passing came too early, and far too often!

Donic MacHale-friend, brother, Paladin

Cindi Fledgling

Tirsten Evanwood, you didn’t have to, you know.

Beeble and his sister Kiani – Your spirit will remain in all of us.


Beeble Brox – Twas a sad day for your friends when you left us. Melissande

Recoome; Sorry I let you down-Jek


Liani you should have stayed, babe. You were my bestest friend. Love,Mati/Aerys

Domanic – A good little snake.

Portense – he wouldnt sellout so the Gods chased him away

Portense Avoranthal-One of the finest paladins to ever walk the realms

Oof Medic – a little empath with a big heart

Chandalar Fyresword I will dream of you forever, my luv. Forgive me.

Caermir, who left in one of the biggest displays of idiocy ever

Lunitara: The Vampire Empath. Get your baby sis LOTS of favors silly!!!!!

Celanna: We all loved you sweetheart. He will pay for your death.

Natu A close friend and a great guy

Kytherea, you’ll be sorely missed.

Dontewain Obhaven

Nahlia, may your journeys be peacful and your pack always light. Love, Sheyala

Azrakon…I shall always miss your warm embrace, Love Liolei

Wiltedflower Disintegration

Loren Hawthorn

Wheller Herbmaster

Ruggish- A dwarf’s dwarf, kept the traders in line

Ruggish Vixens – The best henchman; he always got his cut

Meedrax Headtaker – The finest halfling ever to wield a greatsword orbombthebank

Ganderdragon– I love you hun, whyd you sell.. ill know its you by the collar-Fuz

Gandernolf-your body was sold, but I will never forget Haven, good times…

Ganderdragon MoneySmuggler, Your new player walks, but your soul will with us..

Mosiyuki – No one could toss salad quiet as well as you, i’ll miss you -Novak.

Proteus Cybrid– an original and enigmatic trader

Vikkor Odizio

Lupaz... the gods(gms) chased em off.

Justandulas Margole – May someone more loonie than you come along someday

Celanna… You left us far to soon… He wasn’t worth it!!!


Nightt Shade, beloved husband of Gaeladryn, may you find your way home soon

Redemptious – Honored brother and protector. May Trothfang lead you Home.

Nynis Goldkeeper – may you finally become the woman you always could have been

Impy (Impalire)… You left me togless and barefoot, I miss you –Aranyala

Deathsmyte – A good friend and WM.

Tazerok – A quiet but strong Moonie.

Zephyria – One of the true Rangers, she will be sorely missed.

Thriss: A snake of wisdom, a good friend. He’ll certainly be missed.

Celanna: We miss you… you broke many heats when you left us

Darkes Darkevin

Alisiana, Ascatsillo, and Avicia – The 3 best friends I’ve ever had.

Rhydiah – Thanks for the help, I will always love ya.

Celanna: The fence is a sadder place without your smile (And the DS miss you!)


Hawkford: Your “True” soul will be sorely missed. Safe paths.

Arctuniol: My love was always true, and will never die ~Celanna

Celanna & Arctuniol: When their love died, so did they.

Arkjun – Walked because of the last gorbesh war..I’ll get em back for ya,bud

Fellishan Silver-Griffin

Koard, the most honorable ranger in all the realms

Jacynda, Shard empath, you will be missed, cousin. Praying for your return

Grizwold Haflbogee

Jarvas…I am sorry I had to kill you.. Love, Jacinda

Hawkford Aspenglen, Your true soul will be sorely missed

Chastica– Chastica was my best friend, I’ll miss her more then she’ll ever know.

Shillen, hoping happiness wherever your heart goes

Donnast-Always a dear friend, Mentor

Venari, a great trader, adventurer; Prayers go with you

Lukrani Kamrani– Wonderful husband, great friend, and awsome Ranger.

Jacinda …I’ll miss you, Love Jarvas

Fflewddur: The Faithful Bard is retiring his lyre

Smahsh and Nimue: two of the original barbarians, who understood what it meant.


Mystyrain who gave me a Rose


Jolandar my dear Father

Squirt Furfoot — You are missed.

Aslain–greatest friend a person could have

Fareana – My one and only Love

Shadow Denzia dantez – ye shall be missed by many, ya were the light of me life.

Dromaticles Welidicus


Nestore Shathison I told you to get more favors idiot *kick* Safe journeys.

Iskabis my dear friend, I still miss you.


Nirith Khawn

Rilely– The true you can only be succeeded, not replaced.

Grogg Boggit


Thornicus and Bopar… Nobler Thieves could nae be found


Digmo McDog

Blasword – thanks for setting me back on the right track






Jesterz Vohlmen– the kindest war-mage who ever lived, may he return to us soon.

Igmar Durrok– gave his life long ago defending a newbie who is all grown up.

Randolph DoubleBlade (RIP)


Trillian .. To my son. You will truly always be missed. –Tierus S’ureay

Tyler, again. Oh, were that I an elf…

TwoJunior, your Ma and Pa miss ya, boy, but make us proud now.


Phangor Glorrey – The greatest Merchant of our times.

Penzor, Won’t be forgotten by his clan or his friends.

The general integrity of Elanthia

Misty Sabraxelle

Gwork-A friend could never be a friend as you were to me, thank you-Zynichi MS.

Mohaun — I raise a joyful toast in your memory. You are missed.


Taavetti Kellsinko — who can replace him?




Cenelo Linthos

Jaynea Llwesyn

Reegal – The best ranger in the realms, we miss ya

Zualdjin Shadowscrum: Not many friends, too many lost loves, always kind to all


Kytanae, Hautik, Aydin – off to greater realms, but memories of you remain.

Dryf Guldan – dearest friend, a shoulder to cry on. My laughter went with you.

Drene Roulk– Dearly Beloved Wife and Mother of two

Killvor Serpents– long gone but not forgotten

Collain Outland, quiet strength was yours.

Dhra Seiver

Noldin – for helping out his little brother when he was in trouble (or dead)

Samantha NyteCloaked – Ru’at, Eth’ral’khh, Mehath

Ryian Mnhei’sahe – Ranger at heart, Cleric in soul


Nevus, Darkfather, Seefeel and all the other great moon mages that left.

Amberhue Nightchilde – You will be missed by many not the least of who is Bannyn

Dallyn -Truest friend ever and best hunting Partner he will be missed


Penzor Deathrunner

Iaasis Yendo

Mobius Sennlalius – He gave me life

Eileethan Silverchord – Too soon

Eileethan Silverchord

Gabha — his true friends speak his name yet. May his soul walk in the light.

Myannah Erkhardt, my dearest friend and sister who will be forever in my heart



Fond memories of the old days, when we were young, and too the world

Caleran — your family misses you.

Tourokk Aanston beloved husband of Rampion finally they are together at last.

Rampion SwanSong – Sleep well dear sister. You will live forever in my heart.

Beldron – In my heart and memories forever.

Namastae Meraud – My best friend, who taught me how to laugh, and live.

Myannah you healed us all and never accepted more than a thank you

Smoothtalker. Uncle i will miss you. Farewell, Ariakyn Abeyrd

Christophh Rissalynn a great friend and companion.

Jederick Paludo

Floomy, Renmore, Shodwin, Cardinale…

Blyrenth the Bard

Jeaninne, who helped me through the trials and tribulations of youth..come home!

Bladeworthy Epochal

Eanon – walked the starry road to prove his honor. He will be missed.

Patches … Elves are said to live long. Fond memories live even longer.

Dredded – Those who have harmed you will not go unpunished

Sryne Roulex

Dredded DeCaen – Beloved, Brave but not always Bright Husband–I love you always

Quasit, who didn’t see the lightning.

Rothay, who should’ve had favors & who shouldn’t heal so many abdomen scars

Semphit Senior– Who didn’t think a door at the keep could be so deadly.

Cedimir: It is Madness to care for Elanthia.Thank you for bringing it out in me.

Valkyrie Taquila Wolfbildans – never has there been a truer Valkyrie then you

Maxangnus De’Lightning and Xennith De’Heart-free spirited son and nephew

Aleysian – dearest daughter and sister.

Rejj…. You shall never be forgotten.

Dred DeCaen – Goodbye, my friends.

Senin Manere

To FAnsiea, A mother to me when i had none, may youre armor always shine -Dullen

Drazonlore, Chopchop,And all the other brothers and sisters we have lost

Dalsor-you are the greatest ranger I have ever known…I will miss you..Ene

Dailian Elshandai

Siryn Mistbringer -Remember what was sacrificed to bring Music to this land.

Elana The Smith – I miss you and will always love you


Jolrael Ket’na-Someday, somewhere, I shall walk the realms again.

Manning Redwood


Xennith De’Heart

Chrismage, a nobler friend and father will never be..and I forgive the rock.


Poshly Kreuger-Safe journies in whatever realm you walk


Maxnangnus De’Lightning – To a no kinder or gentler Warrior Mage, all will miss

Dalton Naafire

Ashokenn– Safe travels old friend, you will never fade from my memory…

Sennenan Ashab

Xavier Lovelost-Brothers till the end. Return soon to the lands you love.

Kurtzell: My mentor and first friend in the realms- Trisstan


Cretha– Ran over by a disgruntled caravan driver.

Cniht – gone but not fogotten

Tuen Jaden – A great friend and companion – Kidi

Ferae – It’s a bit late to say this, but you’ll always be missed – Serlen

Aethwyn I miss ya, always will. I wish you luck on your journies – Serlen

Beldron – I can’t believe you’re gone

Aethwyn, terribly missed.

Cap’n Jokbed, return ashore soon old friend.

Arydawnis: heart of a paladin unto death.


Enderius – loved one

Aleidra… True friend

Rythar Agravon …You shall always be remebered by your friends on the TGSW

Nasara Q’uai my lost love, in both worlds. I miss you

Beldron Lucaan

Belwer My old dear friend and companion. Your company is missed

Phleama Phlear

Kiiro Hanasu

Gethan Everis

Bigfisted– though it was long ago, i think of you still..sleep well, old friend

Manawydan Custennin you sang my heart

Iimsgon (A Warrior born, bred, and true. Never was his equal found.)

Granes Dansigor


Hexoom Ravencreign

Drozell Mantaglea


Wern Ashnid

Velin Shadmere

Valigant Stronghelm

Shara RavenFeather

Remy Lebeau

Relic Metaxas

Nikki Diamondsmith

Mith Da’Hand

Maxen Savorr

Caina SnowFlake

Lacy Snowflake


Jhembryn Durrock

Parisia Amour

Sanssouci Potsdam

Chnie Hohin

Chessim Chamboo

Bishop Ri’siing

Benedict Blackthorn

Anwyn Cabiri

Alfred Deathblow

Suntoucher Lightbringer


Wolfscale Dragonskin

Father Gnilgos – a dear friend to many

Zoura Nimblecat

Exitillus Temal

Uriss – We’ll miss you, thanks for memories

Seugallus Magelynde who gave words to our despair and named the Red Winter

Malign Del’dahh

Ganderdragon MoneySmuggler

Itharr, Rhys, Shargr, and Richard … return from your wanderings soon.

Zufus Oroni, tracker of the realms

To Wren, The Bravest Little Elf I ever met…. She has endured far to much pain in her young life and I pry for her safe return Sometime soon. May the Wren fly free and soar through the skies and hearts of the realms once more.

Celanna NyteAngel – Another world took you away from us, and you left in sadness with a broken heart. You will always be remembered and loved. We will miss you.

Xanatar The Ranger-Mage we’ll miss ya bro, from all the Fam, Mellamo and Eeryn

Turak The Big Tree

Tolyk Draphoon

Rainsong Stargazers

Avoral Asrai

Jaknife Soulsteeler

Jokbed Injava


Redtail Hawk

Toku Togashi, you will never be forgotten.

Vetahnahle Hara’Tog … Big, beautiful, ever confused Tog Trader


Jayi, you were a good ranger and follower of Urrem’Tier. We’ll miss you.

Risden – may your soul live on in your child

Vandaras – loved but not forgotten

Reeda – Oh how I miss you dear friend—Demanes

Ranal – Mentor to many and beloved friend to Demanes.I will miss you dearly

Klaggorn Swordhawk – much loved brother to Laportia and Aarko

Gothikk KinDredde – Beloved Husband of Demanes



Jowanee Maybee – lost but never forgotten

To all Rangers-I have never met a mean one.Thanks for your help.

To all who died in the old WM Guild when Mibgluc attacked the Tower. We shall miss both the Tower,and you.

Tarenthalas-You are a great friend, and make me be proud to be in a place that has someone like you.

Monivarius Langtisheath – Not liked by many, but he fought for what he knew was right

Logness Mossino– A person who nobody cared about, left alone walking into a flame.

Tyler – to my husband, come back so that I can crack yer skull and watch you work again! – Jojo

Violet – to my sister who made life not as tedious as it could have been, I still think of you – Jojo

Alastior Draden

Chiton Bugcruncher, Mobius Zenn, Tabac Eathern – Those who led the path of the Brethren… true rangers who stood tall and brooked no disrespect for the Shades of the forest – Remembered by the Shadow Archer who walks alone


Seranne – awaiting your return, my friend…please come back.

Gohd R’GaRage A good elf. With a strong blade and a heart twice stronger. He who helped the weak in their time of being oppressed. Cleaning the RiverHaven swamps of those foul smelling Swampies. And destroying Death Spirits with great ease.


Risden, too soon, too soon.

Kindersprite Dragonblazes (She was a wonderful Paladin and loved EEary greatly)

Rheeni-A kind a cleric, always dropping everything to help. We’ll miss you, mom-Lunostaran

Silxy – Where did you go? Come back soon…

Arensun Guingate – Young lad, ya had a bright future ahead of ye. Who knows what ye would have become.

Praetor Zechz Merquisse – although you are gone from the Paladin Guild, yer work will never be forgotten.




Paladin Dhargar



Celebras Eleran. I am gone now. Remember me when Xibar is full.

Aleidra Norenzio

Beyrl Matugina

Taima/Aailani A true friend and sister who slipped silently into the shadows and passed from the realms. Damaris protect you. Valloa~

Tyler, return from your distant wanderings soon old friend.


Gabriel Blackthorne

Mahja Greystorm, you arrogant bastard. ::grin:: Get back here, eh?

Zash and Zania, elven brother and sister…..kind clerics with a smile forever parted from the realms

Talineth, danced to his final death when the Adan’f Dancers reined death upon Shard

To the Fallen who battled the A’danf Dancers

Logness Mossino

Waarg Warbreaker


Phinn I always enjoyed having you as a friend. You were the best friend I had in the realms until the time of your passing.


Luach – You surprised a lot of us by walking

Celebras, my friend, may your journeys be safe. Return to us someday.- Pentaith

Celebras Eleran– Dear friend, charming companion, you will be missed. There will always be a light waiting to guide you back home.

Sarilya Kintarre

Matyrrian Tymall

Datymin-me poppy! I’ll miss ya dad, so will your family.

Odessea-me sister, and a great friend, I’ll miss ya!

Taria Southblood — A truley misunderstood Ranger with the biggest heart. Sleep well friend


Evelight Koldfire

Herpo…ya drunken scoundrel thanks for leaving me to my freedom—Scooter.

Felura Illyr

Aelissa, my cousin who taught me the true meaning of life.

Blasword Maxson

WarHawke a great warrior, a trusted friend, above all a man of Honour. Lost to the migration, he is still sorely missed.

Telron, gallant Elven bard who was ever generous in aiding young recruits to the guild


Krenaste, Snare, Chopchop, Allay, Vynna, elanthian citizens now posessed by foul entities who have stolen their minds and personalities.

Lesth Steelbow, may your tail never fall or your quikness never fail.



The Crossing Temple, a sacrifice by the Gorbesh in Sorrow’s Spring, 354

Alyr, caring and sweet. I miss you.

Tourokk…bud, you were the best…as a brother, and as a friend…with love, Xanatar, The Ranger-mage

Purloin and Aleidra: Come back soon.

The Gorbesh Soldier, Feinn – You were a good man. The residents of the city killed you for what your kin did to them. When will there ever be a peace between our people?

Hawktalon and Raft — My first teachers. My first friends. Your memories live on.

Sir Dreslav Mullaly

Aislin Mentor, well missed

Cressida mentor, friend



Thalander, May your filthy carcass rot eternally… ZhM

Areah Declea She shined like the brightest star. A true example of the heart of a Paladin.

Kartharulf Zauldon

Toby – my friend, companion and fearless foe to fams. I’ll miss you.

Therae Velo – Come home soon, the world has too few dreamers.

Seredric Goldworthy


The Victims of the Gorbesh — Dedicated to the 50 or more people who walked the Starry Road during the bloody horrors of the Gorbesh Battles at the beginning of 354.

Kaleena Bon – Friend, Sister You left a hole in my heart when you left.

Derexal Talebar – The starting Mind behind the White Rose You will be missed

Mir Devoir – Many years I have enjoyed your hatred and friendship. Gale will leave his blade at your hearth … Galeth the Windblade travels with you.

Iskabis, a kind soul missing since the Great Migration. Isk, I still miss you.

Lahen Ciduliao, the Boy Wonder

Bicce Vixen

Aislin Zedinista, for showing me the ways of sunlight and shadow.

Reeni, my beloved fieance lost in the great migration. You live forever in my heart and in the minds of those who loved you.

Daishawn, my former teacher; may she rest in peace

Mir Devoir — You are my hero

Itosu Tanae

Ukkla and Rhauul Two good guys at heart but were taken away when Scripting was banned.

Whispering Dragon


Namastae Meraud

Telerius the BEST theif there ever was or will be!!

Greyestone Visigothe Walk Softly, Friend.

Lkhyna K’hnatii…She is gone. The world darkens.

Chopchop, a tog headed fellow, your be missed bud–Babric

Kitarean: Followed her heart all the way to the Starry Road

Aristeed: You are sorely missed old friend. You left and promised to return, please come home soon!

Namastae – the best the realms has seen in some time has quielty departed the realms as quietly as she lived and entered it her touch. kindness, and undending genorosity will be painfully missed

Straffus – You broke many hearts by leaving, we’ll all miss you

Caleran, my dear old brother, we hold you in our hearts and throw beer your way – Stephie

Bludge, who can’t count with boots on

Straffus, warrior bard, hero poet

Celanna NyteAngel – Come back soon, we miss you.

Pritz Eternal

Illumenence Exodous

Derexel, thoughtful and fun ever, I will miss you

Serric – You took a thief and made a ranger. Guard my sister in her sleep as you did in her life – Celanna

Elrand – a noble mage who has now chosen to travel other roads

Teferri & Sherka

Qualinius Al’Kai’Distai – Having forged the path for many a young mage (and being the very first mage to become invisible), Qualinius has set upon new challenges.

Keia Xylva

Kitarean – Died for the love of a ranger… may he bring you happiness in your sleep.

Abob Ajim, A long time friend that left this realm for another Dimension. Liolei


Vi, the Shadowedsong, student of the ShatteredStar

Lil’ Anguz, that little boy in the empath guild…. he’s grown up, and now he guards his healing brothers and sisters with a sword of a Paladin

Teirnii and Merrah.. farewell dear friends, we hope to see you again someday

Zildjaen, Gloim, and Glooin, may your hearts stay kind till Then, my brothers…… Zildjan Mumia

Havick Illusia, my best friend, my your kind soul and soft heart lead to Everild and Back. The lantern is always light, and the door is always unlatched… Zildjan Mumia

Galois D’Fiolesveleo – A dear friend gone.

Alphaomega -warmage,mentor and friend.may the sun be at your back and your sword ever sharp.

Silvrens, who was a close to friend to many, and very Nice. Here’s to you bud.

Pontiac— Who Shall be remembered that was forgotten by many

ALPHAOMEGA-brave friend

Toryann Sylvermoons, he’ll yet be back

Celebras, only in my dreams

Sillia, You were a bright star that is still missed

Bezyan Chaubaud, my friend and mentor


Klaggorn.. my dear friend and hard headed Barbarian, I will miss you dearly

Kevin the Conquor – a mighty hero and a friend forever.

Darkjustice, and Darkwing

Smahsh-Kind Barbarian and Fierce Warrior-you gave meaning to your race…come back soon old friend.

Gabriel-Brother in Life, Guardian in Death…may Meraud lead you back to us my friend.

Itharr-Grandest Adventurer and Best of Friends…Come back soon

Delkraf and his cousin Delkraff — good friends both, and sorely missed

Greenvolt, you lead some through words, angered others through actions, slowly you have faded away, but too quickly.


Amrun You were the man and one of my best realms friends, I won’t forget you.


Althax Lundreg – kind cleric…skilled in the art of slaying beasts. Biggest heart this side of Elanthia… We will miss you sorely dearest Althax

Althax Lundreg

Windorr, helluva barb and great freind…who killed one too many snerts for the gods’ liking

Benzo Eldoid

Shoshona Riversmyst Warrior Princess, Warmage, Wife of Taalen Jodsoro. Always ready to protect the honor of Elanthia.

Taalen Jodsoro Honorable Paladin, Defender of Justice and Truth, Husband to Shoshona. Elanthia sustains another loss from your departure..

Arradale-I’ll always remember you angel.. ~Lave


Moredreth– Old friend whose name has not been forgotten among the clerics of old.The Light guide you brother.

Cara Lotts There shall always be a star among the heavens to remind us of ye lass.


Sathus Cquor’thalan– Annother Ranger from the same family as Sathaus; walked the starry by mistake. He has a twin brother in the holiest of guilds now.

Sathaus Cquor’thalon– A young one when he died. His passing caused much grief in his friends who took blame for his death.

Quelqun QuiHeal– Beloved of the Healing Godess, friend of those he saved.




Roncor, may your kind soul stay with Everild Forever, my father, my friend. ZM

Starr – dear friend of Lathaen and Lucy, I’ll never forget your kindness and generosity

Beren – Paladin Guildleader of old

Gabriel – friend and protector, an inspiration to us all.

Outlaw – ::sigh:: my first teacher in the skill of popping boxies ::g::

Meave – friend and teacher to many of us

Ordeith – a very special friend when I was very young; quiet of nature but fun loving and giving too.

Andy – friend and teacher to many of the early empaths

Serpent – first born son of Merlin and Lucy. I hope whereever you have gone you remember to mind your manners. ::hugs::

Natalia – a kind, sweet empath from the early days who befriended me my first day in the guild

Tyler – a dedicated empath we all loved and respected

Amarie – she was always there to brighten our days

Qualinius – brother to Sky and Lucy and friend to many

Merlin Stargazer – my beloved husband and best friend

Codiak Brawler– A friend who needs to be remembered

Finnbarr Earth, Biggest heart in the realms, silliest s’kra paladin to walk the realms, loving papie to Latirah and sorely missed fiancee of Damaria

Gaminatala: My first Love and Wife to Be

Montollio Debruche, my dear friend and companion





Diple, what a crazy Elf.

Scalious, Who walked away from us without notice.

Thumper – I miss you my lil crazy bunny!

Guystrom, he lefted in the mist with no word, if you read this, please talk with your best friend.

Dorthonion, great guy and deadly crossbow…

Rhysling -I watched his comet cross the sky..



Twando – May your string of eyeballs continue to grow

A smudge is all that remains from the defacing of theScroll of Remembrance. All names have been restored and the parchmentrepaired.

Neoliticus Akinstorix You will be missed, your sense of humor brightened the darkest days. Farewell.

V. The ShatteredStar.

Fahro Stiches I will truely Miss you my friend one Day you will be redeamed









Ardhuval, a great Bard, and my husband to be. I’ll miss you.

Lefarvan Rizavork, you may be lost, but you will never be forgotten…your brother, XR

Cressida Silverrain



Moon Mage Slaxiar. To a friend who is gone but never forgotten

To Jaames and Naagi, gonna miss ya buds

The Rogue Vrulle B’Tahl, master locksmith, master fighter, master thief…. you won’t be forgotten

Revenge Farseer, the sailor who’s ship never seemed to return

Corlith Windshear, he was a great person and a dear friend

Naagi Schmoo I will remember you also my dear husband, Akashla

Brinsley Cordwainer

Akhahn A’suu, Maybe he’ll come back some day.

Tykel Lightstorm, I am gonna miss bar-hopping with ya bud-Toeh

Ereinion Gil-galad, ranger of old, may he be remembered forever on in Elanthia

Psitry Rugburn

Havick Illusia, a great fighter, a great mage, and a great Friend

Arielan Oakenash

Tykel Lightstorm, One of Elanthia’s greatest heroes, he rides now in search of Sir Beren

Dingis Pulitzer

Sir Wamphyr

Tribo and Elsea– Lovers til the end…

Ioannis – A good cleric, and a good friend.



Ruba Jaspereye

To all those that gave their life climbing the mountain to slay Mibgluc and lost their lives in the process

Jacens Janverte– A Great Paladin that gave his life to help another

Zamdo Tando

Berial LeVey

Meraudian Flamewand

Kotuss Skulljager

Samantha NyteCloaked, Lost One

Gryllka Bos’oy’

Sareena WindWhisper

Oonah StormsRage, her love for the stupid ‘tog boy never faded.

Kelfazin Hrudu, a freind that will be missed and sought after.

Whisperlon Lorelan

Moonshine For’Ever, *hiccup* the drunk and happy moon mage



Saet Stormfell, The Storms are coming.

Halastar Evilstorm

Xarnja , beloved husband of Amberdream and father of Nyphera….come home soon

Powerhaus lost and found again…

Elbarath, walked because of a stuckup cleric, promised he would be back

Ramric Elfenshire (Rough on the outside but a little adventerous to others)

Guytron-another guy taken by the migration but a good friend


Oridian Fordhaim

Z.C., The Viper of Damaris. Damaris finaly took his desciple home.

Seigaku (the bard whose stories will never be forgotten with time)

Philemon – the empath and honorary bard

Jetamio, I loved ya Jetty, and I am gonna miss ya

Selenex Drakenmoon – Stopping by to let all know I remember and miss you.

Sylvarax Drakenflame

Aerofighter Zorlas, The Warrior mage with ten weapons and a huge burden, may he be releived

Ardwin TruHart, Namatar Skra atar, Both were Lost in the great migration. Two Of the best guys I’ve ever known.

Logness, I doubt there will be a Thief with as Much fluff as him. But word says He’s a Warrior mage now.

Drazonlore Drazonlord, A mentor to all and friend to many. He gave his life to protect Elanthia many times only to be the victim of a grave injustice

Dhakar Wyverin, a young warrior mage who long ago gave his live in defense of the Crossing


Salavos Brightjade– blessed brother and Defender.

Wolfpride– You will be missed dear brother

Rhydallia Shadowford – May you always walk the grassy paths


Phavyn Bruvidef

Guystrom where did he go?

Da Babric

Mobius Zenn, He walked away slowly and never looked back.

Denthrag Ravenstorm



Vormi Scory

Flep Lipper

Adaon Shadowmere


Tavyn Cormaeril

Karlyna – bard of the Realms, beloved daughter of Kitrianna

Lhanna – friend, sister of Kitrianna you will be in my heart always


Zial Banth, beloved husband of Allarsk Cinquefoil

Rinek, he left because he didn’t like the way the realms were changing….you will always be remembered

Necrobar, Indigo Rainbow dragon. Mount of Rainbow Knightess Mildred (Both were killed in battle. THey gave themselves for the colors of all the realms.)

Mildred, Indigo Rainbow Knight

The Sqags Family: Your clan will be remembered by Valkirr Songsmith!


RobertJohn Contel

illuminare– lost during the great migration, perhaps he’ll find his way someday

Quagatnuanz Gargantuans – long dead now this Barbarian died in the frenzy of battle the way all Barbarians want to die

Elizabeth Mc’Alister, the kind hearted Empath… the shooting star of Elanthia

Celtik, the S’kra Mur Moon Mage, may someone more evil come our way

Gwahancyr Mannewwydden

Ibin Ithl A truer friend was never known, one day I hope he returns

Holgier, true friend and honest thief. Farewell.

Triev, the airhead Tog Paladin with a big heart

Calanthe, Long gone but never forgoten.

Guldor Vilesilencer the ranger not forgotten by his brother


Rhaven Nightsdeath (Silent and Loyal)

Sofyia, Cleric to many, Mother to all.

Aaronus, brother of mine and true friend to all who knew him.

Calimile Rakingclaw


Varkon, who actually was a pretty nice guy under the exterior, there are those of us that remember

Jhembryn, a father to all of us who were early adventurers


Crathen Dragon’Son – My dear brother, disapeared in the crossing, I only wish I had the money to come and find you.

Chieftan Kincaide, father of the MacCoinnich Clan. Walked the Road one cold, winter’s eve.

Rohhan Darten

Goldbangs, though a snert at heart – always a friend.

Woland, lost to the violence in The Realms.

Drogz– Dear friend and mentor lost in the migration. I wield his longbow in honor of his memory

Gersten Vathoss: we wont forget ye

Penelope of Sicle Grove – Killed by the firewizard Mibgluc

Hasten – Lost in the Great Migration

Chace Avary, You gave your life for the Dragon’s Realm.

Mazzic ForestWalker

Roseblush, love of Fullheart, lost of herself. Never forgotton

Earthbinder Sternil, beloved husband to Chryseis Freeborn. Gone from Elanthia but ne’er from our hearts.


Damart, Mysticgem… Elanthia suffers with your departure.




Portose Wrensock – Who though journeyed home to tend the family farm, did not buy the farm…

Agan Grumshot


Rdaen & Rylen

Kainan, My Friend, You held my heart and took it with you

The Green Ninja, he’ll be missed

Matt Blaine



Akki– ye are missed by many

Gegore Mage and Friend


Merdell D’Entrier

Kainan, You will be missed

Damart Fellspell, you are missed by many

Ahlia, Hartblest will always cherish the few memories he has of you


Karantikalithos.. you will be missed by many.


Sajaa Portabella, beloved wife

Robinsyk, Meanne will never forget you

Tariam, The father i never had.

Wyn Nightshade



Kyriah Heartsbind

Crystarose Faerierain

Claudvon…a good man who gave into despair at the end.

Chopchop (his walk on the starry road came as a shock to us all)

Sifra Fairflower


Dorthonion Eilenach

Sylvrleaf Dragawk May ye rest in peace thy friend.


Violet, rolemodel of bravery and gentleness to many young women

Palescian Erepius

Haastur Gemshot

Jacco Georgetown


Ivana Tinkle May she live on in our memorys as a lesson

Lanns Wyvernstryke

Sarzen Silentshadow, my dear cousin. His Memory Remains in my Heart Always.

Drakla Tger, A great barbarian adventurer with a big heart

Moorcat, Brave Tog, Beloved of Perchance

Freemartin, who taught me that power must be tempered with Wisdom.









Violetmorn beloved sister you will be missed




Miko (Silly, but a good guy at heart)




Aurouralae,Little Sister ya were taken to soon.

Arclest Starust-for those that knew him, found he grew up quickly.

Celtan, friend, companion, and former lover of Brigannia Faer

Sarianna D’Solis(Whose gentle touch,soothed many a fevered brow)

Creenya, Fair Paladin and Friend to S’Kra

Therriliar, teacher and friend

Cherek, an elder barbarian who left far too soon

Fayrie Laughtersvoice (lost and couldn’t find her way through the great migration)

Ameus Lasranoch (a young barbarian who faded when the portal came)

Kotholo (a noble barbarian, and a comet rider)

Fleuren Lyndsey


Vultur, paladin with a big heart and short lifespan

Tebok Neral

Mandaria Neivelsmith, a cleric with a big heart, and a strong healing hand.

Tashonka, friend of all, and lover of the woods.










Midvale Naglene, Most Beloved Friend

Jagenx Hypithia, Innocent, yet Dangerous

Thade Dith

Skix Kss’arithix



Xamis Moondraggon



Itosu Tanae

Kolos Yelm


Donnivin …one of the most loyal and trusted War Mages

Rhavas Freidhenn





Galadren Freidhen

Putir Parsiphony

Saduz Sneakfeet



Quyba DeQuak


Kniki Ottens


Cantis Begglerbeg

Kloc Timkep

Hardonis Hedonisk

Kaylina Trabond

Dremtru Heavensend

Olgrith Quoiric

Woundbearer Agrolin

LightHunter a noble Paladin

Rukyo BlackLeaf, once Lord of House Silver Shield

Igmar Durrok



Gloinson Ramhater




The Unknown Adventurer


Mithin Moonguider

Mindera Bakera

Fullgore Skullspliter

Kivian Dakkard (A beautiful Ranger)

Wilad Clash

Oralion O’Glinis


Hamuk Lestrass






Faelin (A devout Ranger who rode the comet)

Robintion Ghan



Alhazrid (friend for all eternity)



Saschi Dae’l’al

Liry Sirdas

Apology Debonairre: Prettiest Bard with a golden Heart, friend of Celtan,Brigannia, and Mckatelee




Zirconios Volronder






Enonillo Theimin



Shanwynn Bearer




Alzerath Thesner



Pheilan ap’Gwilliam

Gwilliam O’Pheilan



Zildjan Mumia


Zelona Sahaltyn

Meronda Silvcairn



Illyr Ezekial

Mokikikako Gorenth