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SecretShopper In Review

With many thanks to the dedicated SecretShoppers of the realms, we offer you this curated collection of items for sale in Trader Shops on the entire mainland with things that fit into the theme of: #DanceDuds, or, Things You Will Want To Wear To One of the Upcoming Balls.

[OOC: The TurnAbout Ball is Sat, Feb 8 at 10pm ET in the Crossing’s Order Headquarters one block east of the bank – ladies, ask a gentleman to be your date, the “turnaround”. The Crimson and Gold Ball in Therengia is set for 10pm ET on Feb 15th.]

To use this curation, scroll through one page at a time (new pages are at the bottom) or search for specific word or words. Categories are: accessory, clothing, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes. Cities: Crossing, Riverhaven, and Shard. You can sort your search results with the itty bitty arrows that head up each column.

This collection includes over 380 items. Follow Wrenfirth LIVE on Twitter for some of our highlighted picks as the next 48 anlaen tick off.


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