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Posted by on 1997 Dec 13 |

Nimue and Smahsh Host First Tournament

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 69 Ka’len 347)

Yesterday you may have heard the sounds of battle coming from out the east gate of the Crossing. A friendly competition was taking place in the Middens where Nimue and Smahsh were hosting the first ever Tournament of the realms.

First there were challenge matches, where you could challenge another to a duel. Most were done to first blood, so when blood was struck the match ended. Lothar and Smahsh had the only duel which ended in a stale mate, because neither could inflict a deep enough wound.

Next started the missile range competition. There were only two competitors up to the challenge of the missile range competition. Hopefully there will be more next time.

Magus vs. Rien, winner was Magus.

Next came the melee round, where swung weapons were used:

Trag vs. Asarian, winner was Trag.
Enegue vs. Rhys,
winner was Enegue.
Nimue vs. Terin,
winner was Nimue.
Lothar vs. Thunder,
winner was Lothar.
Smahsh vs. Gabriel,
winner was Smahsh.

Then during the second round of melee combat:
Trag bowed out of the second round.
Nimue vs. Lothar, winner was Lothar.
Smahsh vs. Enegue,
winner was Enegue (In only four hits!)

And in the final round:
Enegue vs. Lothar, winner was Enegue.

Next the missile winner vs. melee winner went at it:

Magus vs. Enegue, winner was Enegue.

After Smahsh and Enegue’s bout Smash exclaimed "It take me 22 seconds to swing with hooked battle axe!" Everybody had a great time and many came to watch, including quite a few of the Great Mages. The champion and runner up of each section were given nice jewelry hand made by the merchant in Leth Deriel. Congratulations to all who participated!