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Posted by on 1997 Jul 19 |

A Poem on Viewing the Scroll of the Remembered

(The Three Provinces: Moliko 351)

Scroll of the Remembered

I cannot look at the scroll
        with dry eyes
I view at the scroll
        and my heart cries

I have no wish to remember
        vanished my friends
I have no wish to recall
        their ends

I want my friends here
        with me
I most wish my friends still
        alive to be

Toghether we have toiled 
        through hard and fun
together we laughed 
        through moons and sun

The friendships gone
        and allies lost
The world has changed
        and at what cost

The gods praise those
        numbered on this scroll
And all hope says
        let it be a short roll.

Do all in your power
        these departures to thwart
And praise all the gods
        if the scrolls be short