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Posted by on 1997 Jun 16 |

Anthyl, CuteDwarfLady & Weaponsmith, is Back!

(Wilderness of Zoluren: 136 Shorka 351)

Anthyl, great (an cute) dwarflady weaponsmith ‘as visited Zoluren ‘gain. She set up her wagon near Rocky Clan t’ make alterations t’weapons an’ armor, an’ also bring ‘er usual goodies.

In addition, she bring news that mebbe weapon shop in Steelclaw Clan soon open, with many interessin’ weapons. Cinquedas mentioned, f’r one.

Anthyl prolly be ’round f’r nother day ‘r so doin’ weapon alterations an’ sellin various stuff. Aryl reccomend you come meet her even if you no get on list..she great!